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Noteworthy Dates

December 12th

New Moon

Let the authenticity and spiritual vibes flow!

December 14th

Mercury Retrograde

Ground and re-visit your routines!

December 26th

Full Moon

Allow yourself to move with the flow!

Overview of the Month

This month we welcome Melanie from MellaMind. Her website link can be found at the bottom of our forecast page along with this month's YouTube video! Warm welcome to Melanie!

You may find you are welcoming December with fresh eyes and the new awareness of the bigger picture in terms of your healing and spiritual journey. For those that have gained the awareness, drink it in! Allow the excitement of the adventure about to play out into your internal landscape. For those that did not gain the awareness, don't worry! It's a coming!

On December 2nd it is important to make room for self expression and self love within the hustle and bustle of the holiday adventures! (Moon is in Leo) This is especially crucial for our empath friends and starseeds! Think about the taken moments of self as the charging of your social battery for the excitement of the latter part of December. 

This is also a perfect time to receive self care modalities that replenish energy ie sound healing, energy medicine or for some, massages. Use these services to fill that "battery."

As we continue the intention of self love and self expression, remind yourself what is most important to you through the holiday rush. Ground yourself into the focus of what is personally important verses the pressures of the collective. If you are sensitive to collective energy or pushes you may find your anxiety and drive for perfection is heightened through December 4th. 

On December 5th you may feel a nudge to try something new or experience something fresh and profound. Venus is in Scorpio and as Melanie phrased it in her notes, "it's a highly emotional and passionate energy." I suspect this will be a perfect night to do gridwork! (Hint Hint!)

For the intuitives in the community that have been tracking the cycles of the Darker Feminine or the shadow side of the feminine energy, you may find a new cycle beginning December 7th with its apex on December 9th.  Remember this feminine cycle is often paired with grief associated with the Divine Masculine. The intense emotions will pass and bring new understanding if you allow them to flow. 

For our healer friends or those focused on healing family trauma, December 9th (Moon in Scorpio) has the potential to bring forward memories of trauma or loved ones that have passed. Just as I stated above, if you allow the memories and the emotions to flow, new healing work will present itself. (If your intuitive child is sensitive to family lines, please take care in this window. You may find your child expressing old habits and patterns from younger years or past trauma. Extra love and support is key!)

December 12th is our New Moon! Self expression and communication is THE theme for December. However with this New Moon, you may find yourself called to express within the spiritual or TO the spiritual. Remember co-scripting with spirit is a predominant part of your internal evolution and growth. Do not be afraid to share with spirit your wants and desires...or even your dislikes and need for support. 

On December 14th we move into Mercury Retrograde. There will be a dip in energy and a push to ground back into physical reality, taking a look at finances and expected responsibilities for the remainder of the month. Do not be afraid to compromise in plans! Do not be afraid to say no! Do not be afraid to let go of what is our of your means or does not align with your values. Likewise, allow space for others to do the same. (If you are very sensitive to Mercury Retrograde, you may want hang tight in bigger decisions.)

On December 16th you may feel a drive to be in community. If you are a healer or intuitive, you may find community experiences bring forward profound understanding in regards to communication and self. However, you may also feel you have outgrown your community and desire to rebel or let go. This is okay! It is always all right to take a break or gracefully let go of structures that no longer serve you. 

For the intuitive kiddos, you may find they are reluctant to partake in community and family events. Pick and choose what is important for the family as much as you are able. 

On December 18th, there is one last push of spiritual energy. (For those that are extremely sensitive you may feel this beginning on December 16th.) Get ready for spiritual messages and dreams! You may also find some shadow work within this window. 

Then we move into physical action on December 20th! The energy of the stars encourages us to be more physical, focused on grounding and communicative. This is where the "battery" built in the beginning of the month is going to come in handy! This will last until our Full Moon on December 26th.

For those that have been laying the groundwork for their soul work or soul journey to actualize, you may find this window is the beginning of what you have long awaited for! Allow your work to play out physically! Trust yourself and enjoy the ride. You will know what to do and what changes you need to make along the way! Remember to have fun!

On December 27th, love and attention will be needed all around! You made it through the holiday adventures! Take care of your loved ones. And take care of self! Because on December 29th we return back to that energy of self love and self expression. 

On December 30th you may find yourself in a more "flighty" state. For those working on Twin Flame energy, expect shifts and movements with this energy. Allow you inner truth and goals to form with the higher vibrational energies and symbolism.

Notes & Resources


December YouTube: Click Here!

MellaMind: Click Here!


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The monthly forecasts are made in collaboration with Melanie from MellaMind.

A Light Despite * Divine Esteem Seer * Mindset, Embodiment, Self Love & Authenticity, Higher Self Coach *

A Note from Melanie: I am here in my SOUL PURPOSE! To help as many souls as I can in this lifetime Love themselves so to share their Light! Self Love is the KEY to ALL! Self Knowledge is beyond powerful and Astrology is a POWERFUl tool to add to your daily self love practice and wisdom. The energies of our Universe are guiding us everyday! Get to know specifically how each energy empowers (and challenges) YOU! Those aligned with the knowledge of their energy along with alignment within the Universe truly find and utilize their innate power within. DISCOVER your (and your children's!) Power within so that you too can vibrate on a higher consciousness within this realm. I am grateful to build and pour into a community here and beyond while informing you of your light and power! I look forward to Aligning and Evolving with you Mentally, Physically, and Other-ly! 

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