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June 2023

Noteworthy Dates

June 3rd

Full Moon in Sagittarius.

June 18th

New Moon in Gemini.

June 21st

Summer Solstice!

10:58 AM EDT

Overview of Month

June brings us a small moment of respite!

If April and May proved a bit much for you, June will bring a small window to breathe, reflect and express. There are many transits this month, however they seem to create a less harsh or reactive environment for everyone.

The month starts with Pluto still in a square to the Nodes. The transformation that is being asked of the collective at this time is to witness the shifts of power (of all kinds, ie. political, economical, spiritual etc).


May proved to have many energetic and spiritual endings as well as beginnings. Greater spiritual cycles were officially coming to an end and new ones began. In June you will begin to sense and feel the new cycles permeating your physical reality. This will reveal a power shift within the spiritual paradigm.


For those that have been waiting for direction in their healing and spiritual work, June will bring forth a new theme or focus. This may reveal an inner power shift. Jupiter being conjunct with the North Node allows us to broaden our views on what the future may hold.

We may also be drawn to like minded people during this time or feel the need to be within our community. Mercury moves into a conjunction with Uranus, which may speed up your thought processes, or lead to new revelations, especially when it comes to relationships and emotional matters, as this conjunction is opposite the Moon on June 2nd. Communication and brainstorming with others will be beneficial. This will also be a time to contemplate any negative thoughts or feelings within your close relationships, as Venus is in opposition to Pluto.

On June 3rd, 11:42 pm EDT, we have our Full Moon in Sagittarius. This will be a good time to reflect on any seeds that were planted during the Sagittarius New Moon at the end of 2022. With this Full Moon taking place in the signs ruling communication, we may feel more comfortable with examining our own truths, or even voicing them, so we can step into a space that is more authentically us. Do your words speak the truth of who you are and how you truly feel? Are your words in line with your authenticity? Are your words in line with your body, your soul, and your spirit?

On June 5th, we have another Grand Cross. This time involving Venus in Leo, Pluto in Aquarius, North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio. We are now being asked to view the power shifts that have been ongoing, through the lens of what we value. This may lead to heightened emotions, but should be a little less action oriented, than the Grand Cross of May.

This is followed by a Jupiter/Saturn Sextile, which will allow us to examine our wants, desires and paths, with a discerning eye. Jupiter will push us to expand, while Saturn will make sure we do not bite off more than we can chew. This transit begins on June 4th and ends in the beginning of July, with the peak on June 20th.

Communications should flow with ease and may have a dreamy quality to them on June 8th, with Mercury moving into a sextile with Neptune. And by June 10th, any difficult conversations may be easier to have at this time with Mercury Trine Pluto.

The New Moon in Gemini happens on June 18th at 12:37 am EDT. This New Moon could bring a hiccup in communication. There is a possibility of deceptions or dishonesty in communication as the New Moon is Square Neptune. For those who dream and astral travel, this may be a point of confusion or frustration as the expression of your work may become muddled. Relax and allow the energy to continue to flow. If there is confusion within your dream or astral messages, do not dwell on them. Clarity will return on June 20th. Additionally, with Mercury in Sextile to Venus, it may bring an urge to express your physical feelings, just be mindful of both the way your message is being received, as well as, if your feelings are being reciprocated or not.

At this same time, Saturn appears stationed as it prepares to go retrograde. Saturn retrogrades provide a great time to review and rearrange priorities. Any work that has been undertaken during this last Saturn direct period, may provide blessings. If there is something you know you should have been working on, but have procrastinated or delayed, Saturn retrograde may provide the push needed.

Any mental fog or communication troubles from the New Moon should clear up on June 20th, as Mercury Sextiles Mars. Your mind may be quick to identify projects that in the past may have seemed too hard, or identify a cause for either yourself or someone else that is worth you being vocal about.


The Summer Solstice takes place on June 21st  at 10:58 am EDT, as the Sun moves into Cancer. Later in the day, Mars moves into a Square with Uranus. While you may have an urge to break free from restriction or rebel, try to be mindful of making any rash decisions that will have negative consequences once the dust settles. Part of the rebellious inclinations will be pushing from the spiritual. It is not necessarily a message to act; but instead encouragement to embrace the new or face what has been avoided. It is a spiritual reminder of possibility. This transit may provide a spark of creativity or brilliance, but any impulsive actions may be met with accidents. (The Mars Square Uranus transit begins June 20, 2023 and lasts until June 30, 2023 with the peak energy happening on June 25, 2023.)

On June 24th Mercury approaches its Square Neptune. During this period, we experience another hiccup in communication, which lasts until June 27th. Be mindful of any miscommunications and “energetic vampires”. Mental extremes and exaggerations may also be heightened at this time, such as conspiracy theories, extreme spiritual/religious or political views.

On June 30th, Mercury Trines Saturn as Neptune Stations to go Retrograde. Mercury in Cancer trine Saturn Retrograde in Pisces may bring deep thinking and reflection on your personal views towards spirituality, belief systems, and creativity.

Notes & Resources


June YouTube: Click Here!


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