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Bouquet of Peonies

July 2023

Noteworthy Dates

July 3rd

Full Moon in Capricorn

Can we get the heart and mind to work together?

July 11th

Grand Cross

Time to do some internal digging!

July 17th

New Moon in Cancer

It's all about self-care Baby!

Overview of Month

As the month begins, Venus is in her shadow period, approaching retrograde (July 24, 2023 - September 3, 2023), and in an exact square with Uranus. The Venus/Uranus aspect, along with Neptune stationing to turn retrograde (July 1, 2023 - December 6, 2023) in Pisces, may bring unexpected feelings or events to relationships or material matters that may set the stage for the Venus retrograde period.


Pluto is sextile Neptune, and still square to the Lunar Nodes. Recent events are showing us the shifts that are taking place during this time. Accountability for everyone, at all levels, seems to be the main story.  In healing, when we approach health from a "whole" perspective, we are approaching an individual's well being on multiple levels.  This includes their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and/or energetic systems. Accountability should be no different. You may find this month you are becoming aware and taking accountability for yourself on a more subtle levels, such as your emotions or energy. Or you may see it in others throughout this month. This moment is a good reminder that as a collective, we should work towards betterment for everyone, instead of a select few.

On July 3, 2023 at 7:38 am, we have the Capricorn Full Moon. With the luminaries giving light to Cancer and Capricorn, we could see how our minds and hearts can work together. We may see how nurturing ourselves will help us accomplish any intentions set around the time of the Capricorn New Moon in December 2022.

July 4th may bring strong emotions with the Moon conjunct Pluto. The heart and mind have strong and authentic expressions. Many times it can appear they are in conflict when in reality, both wish to work and speak as one. As a result this can bring forward high emotions. Try to be in observance of your emotions and challenged beliefs; do not react. The emotions will settle and a new perspective will reveal itself.

Between July 5th and July 8th, you may have new ideas or perspectives as Mercury sextiles Uranus. You may begin to take action on these ideas as Mars trines the North Node until July 14th.


As Mercury moves away from its sextile to Uranus, it begins to trine Neptune (July 8th - July 10th). This may bring an ease in communication. And with Neptune retrograde, any communication or thoughts during this time may be handled through factual information, rather than rose-colored glasses. This may be another ripple of the heart and mind working together.

On July 11th, we have another grand cross. This is a great time to do some internal digging for what you want the future to hold, and what direction you want to take. Be mindful during this time of any conspiracy theories or propaganda that could set you off balance.

Between July 13th and 17th, the Lunar Nodes change signs, moving from the Taurus/Scorpio axis to the Aries/Libra axis. During this period, and until the final eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio axis later this year, we are in a period of transition. Our focus, as a collective, will continue to shift from physical resources and power struggles to physical action/drive and our relationships with others.

On July 17th, 2023, at 2:32 pm, we have the Cancer New Moon. Affectionately re-named to the "Self-Care New Moon." This is a great time to set intentions for self-care, family and home. Take a look at your daily routines that shape your outlook and interactions with others. Is there time for you to reset? Time for you to reflect? Is there time for you to enjoy those that you love? Are there moments built into your schedule to enjoy your passions to share your passions with others? This New Moon may also bring a shift in awareness with exciting encounters or insights that make you question how you comfort and care for yourself and those around you.

On July 18th, Mercury squares Jupiter. This may bring an optimistic or ambitious mind set to our goals. At the same time, Mars begins its opposition to Saturn (July 18th - 25th). We may become disappointed and frustrated with a lack of forward progress or movement, especially if we feel that the stagnation is being caused by something or someone in particular.  During this time, we also have another grand cross involving the Nodes, Pluto and this time the Sun, leading to our desire to shine a light on anything that is holding us back.

This may be a moment of many conflicting emotions and thoughts. No doubt another ripple of the heart and mind aligning and working together. Remember, the heart and mind have their own authentic voice. Though their words and expressions may be different; where are the intersections of alignment? What common message are they both stating in their own way?

The Sun enters its home sign of Leo on July 22, 2023 at 9:51 pm. You may notice more people seeking recognition or attention during Leo season. For people who have natal Leo placements, this may be even more true. Leo is known not only for wanting to be the center of attention, but also being brave, fierce and loyal. Leo’s traditional home is the 5th house of creativity and children. You may find during Leo season that you are drawn to creative pursuits, or involved with children more than normal. Leo is the sign of the heart, so emotions and passion are the key to this season.

On July 24th, Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Leo, until October. During this period, be mindful of any larger than life emotions, and dig deep to find your heart’s true desire. This may be a moment where your soul's purpose begins to naturally present itself or comes to the forefront.


Mercury is approaching a conjunction with Venus, so you may find the Venus retrograde period starts off with expressions of emotion. You can look back at the period of 8 years ago, the last Venus retrograde in Leo, to see any patterns that may emerge during this time. This time period will allow us to open our hearts, to be vulnerable with those around us, acknowledge all the flaws, but also see how much growth has taken place. Do not fear the vulnerability. Vulnerability brings growth, awareness, and intimacy in many forms.

From July 27th through August 7th, Mars trines Jupiter. You may notice more competitiveness in the air, however, most things started at this time will prove successful.

We close the month with a quick transit of Mercury opposing Saturn (July 30th - August 4th). Communications around boundaries, structure and authority may have negative undertones. Ensure your boundaries are strong; but also discerned. If the issue is physical, then you need a physical boundary. If the issue is energetic,then you need an energetic boundary. All too often we confuse the two. Be mindful that any sudden feelings of negativity or sadness that appear, may become more manageable as this transit ends and brings us into August.

Notes & Resources


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