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Noteworthy Dates

August 1st

Full Moon in Aquarius

Spend time with your peoples!

August 16th

New Moon in Leo

Let your heart express!

August 30th

Second Full Moon!

Blue Moon in Pisces

Overview of the Month

We start the month running high on the spiritual shifts the end of July brought us. The energetic high is exemplified with the Full moon in Aquarius on August 1st. Emotions may be running high. This could be related to the spiritual energy zipping around! So, take some time to be with like-minded people. Be with your community and seek your clan out! It's okay to take a step away or take a break from people that may not be in alignment with you or your beliefs.

August 4th brings emotional shake-ups and wake-ups! Our emotions are intimately connected to our intuitive awareness and can be used as a doorway to our subconscious. The Moon is conjunct with a retrograde Neptune, while sextiling Uranus which is squaring a retrograde Venus. Be ready for deep and unexpected personal insights!

The Sun will also be squaring Jupiter, which may increase agitation in emotions. This is a moment to bring the focus back to you and back to your center. Give yourself permission to wind down from the high energies that have been at play for the last few weeks.

On August 9th, Jupiter is trine Mercury. Communications and news may be embellished. Watch for any over the top stories, and allow time to help calm any chaos before making a decision as to what the facts are. This is an opportunity for growth! A sacred and large part of any person's spiritual journey is learning their inner truths and how they play with the outer world. This is a moment to weigh the outer narratives and events against your inner truths. When the outer and the inner mix and mingle, what is created as a result? What opportunities present themselves for yourself and your community? Where do your boundaries lie or need to change? Where are your traumas seeking voice and your spirit seeking leadership?

The period of August 12th-21st may bring some surprising but happy results to something you have been waiting for!

On August 13th, the Sun and retrograde Venus meet, bringing a turning point that stirs passions and puts a spotlight on our desires. At this time, Venus will no longer be an evening star, but a morning star, until they meet again. Because there is a square to Uranus involved, expect the unexpected. The Sun will square Uranus until August 19th.

This is the actualization of the shifting that occurred on the grid or Matrix starting last October and came to an apex in mid-July. This is especially important for those that do lightwork or work with the grid and Matrix. The guiding point or guiding star of the next grand cycle has fully shifted into it's new form. Greater amounts of energy will be at play and many will join in the effort to heal themselves, heal the collective, and heal the Earth as a result.

August 16, 2023 brings the Leo New Moon. This is a great time to start expressing what is truly in your heart. If you like, use the energy of the New Moon, to create a small ceremony or ritual to honor your heart's unique voice and expression.

Starting August 20th and lasting through the end of the month, Mars will be trine Pluto, leading to the possibility of assertiveness and ambitiousness. This will dull any weaknesses brought on by Mars opposite Neptune, but be careful not to push too hard. This will be a tricky time for our caregivers or those that often silence their bodily awareness in the service of others. Ride those waves of ambition; but ensure your body and personal needs are not forgotten!

Interestingly we shift gears on August 23rd and review some of the concepts and growth from August 9th. Mercury will station as it begins its retrograde in Virgo (August 23 - September 15, 2023), on the same day the Sun moves into Virgo. This Mercury retrograde will be a time of self-reflection that may focus on our health and how we can be of service to others (inner & outer). This will be a time to explore self-love and self-acceptance.

As the Sun is opposite Saturn at the end of the month, be cautious not to get too caught up if your authority is challenged. If any challenge seems to be personal, try to allow time to mellow the emotions, and check back in at the beginning of September.

On August 27th, Mars enters Libra, and this may bring a focus on relationships, with the North Node being in Aries and the South Node being in Libra. Remember, there are many forms of relationships. While we tend to think of romantic partnerships when we hear the word relationship, this could denote another opportunity to become aware of how you are functioning with your external world. This could include friendships, work relationships, family relationships, your relationship with self or even your relationship with nature.

On August 29th, Uranus begins its retrograde motion. This will present a time to review life goals from a psychological perspective. For our healer friends, this is a perfect time to create a ceremony or ritual to release limiting beliefs OR seek understanding of the deeper beliefs that are creating your narrative and story.

August 30th is a Blue Moon, with the second Full Moon of August, the Pisces Full Moon. This will be a time of self-reflection from a spiritual perspective!


We will be entering September with a greater inner awareness of who we are and how our inner truths play with our external world. This eludes there might be growth and adventures waiting for us this autumn!

Notes & Resources


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