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September 2023

Noteworthy Dates

September 14th

New Moon in Virgo

Insights Incoming!

September 23rd

Hi Autumn!

Honor and evaluate your peoples.

September 28th

Harvest Moon in Aries

Boundaries Baby!

Overview of the Month

We start the month of September, just coming off the Full Moon in Pisces (a Blue Moon), with Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Retrograde. Mercury retrograde in Virgo, is trine Jupiter. The Universe provided us with a summer packed full of internal growth, external shifts and energetic pushes.


This opens the month with a focus on reviewing the past and tying up loose ends. It's a moment to catch your breath. Overall, this Mercury retrograde period may be more favorable than usual, providing insights and ideas that allow you to resolve any lingering issues that may be holding you back from reaching your dreams and goals.

If you’re a business or working within the comm
unity, talk about how you started and share your  journey. Share your core values, your commitment to others or customers and how you stand out from the crowd. Encourage and create engagement!

On September 4th, the Sun and Mercury trine Jupiter (which is stationing to go retrograde), while Venus (stationing to go direct) begins her square to Jupiter. Our moment to breathe continues. This may provide a small period of time to mentally process and digest any themes or events that have not fully sunk in. This is a perfect time to care for your nervous system and rebuild your capacity.

The Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Virgo on September 6th. Time may speed by today, with a focus on communications, siblings, short trips, health, and routines. It is definitely fitting for getting into a new fall schedule as kids return to school, and summer is unofficially over. We will begin to see spiritual and intuitive activity ramp up as well. There is am emphasis on angelics and perhaps we will also get hints of Christ Consciousness. Though activity may pick up for our intuitive friends and families - for most this will be a more enjoyable influx.

Then, we have almost a week with no new major aspects in the sky! This may provide us time to work through any bumps with new schedules and routines. This is a prefect window to safely stretch your intuitive muscles and enjoy the adventure it brings!

On September 14, 2023 at 9:39pm ET, we have the New Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus, while Mercury in Virgo is stationing to go direct from its retrograde period. This New Moon will provide sudden flashes of insight. Depending on where you are focused this moment could bring insights on the day-to-day (like your heath and routines) or it could bring insights into your spiritual paradigm (like the value of your intuitive gifts) ...or perhaps even both!

September 16th begins the Sun’s opposition to Neptune. This period lasts until September 22nd. This may be a time where confusion and deception are high. If you can avoid any highly emotional settings or events, this is a great time to work on your internal landscape. This includes our intuitive friends, lightworkers, healers and individuals working on the grid. Take a few moments to move inwards and focus your energy on your own system ie your nervous system, aspects (incarnations), and selves.


If you cannot avoid the highly emotional settings or the grid, try to remember that any feelings of insecurity and discouragement will pass, and make sure there is no gray area in expectations between yourself and others. This will move through.

On September 18th, the Sun comes into a trine aspect with Pluto. At this time, you may go through intense and profound experiences. Anything that comes up during this time (September 18th - September 24th) may lead you to dive deep into research and contemplation about the inner workings. Down the rabbit hole we go!


If you are focused on the internal landscape in this moment, you may find the respite has brought new knowledge about yourself! This may lead to a desire to find resources that encourage the growth and depth of your new self awareness. This day also brings a sextile between Mars and Venus. This will lead to assertiveness towards your goals, as well as being open to giving and receiving love.

If you are focused on the external landscape, you will be given an opportunity to hold true to your values of self and community. A moment to express externally the person you know yourself to be. You too, may have a moment of assertiveness while remaining open to giving and receiving love!


The Sun moves into Libra on September 23rd at 2:50am ET, officially welcoming Autumn! While Libra season typically brings about a time to remember and honor our relationships with others, with the South Node sharing this space, this year may bring a time of evaluating our relationships with others and how that impacts ourselves. We may feel driven to understand our own empathic abilities as well as energetic vampires.


As an individual and as a community this may be a moment where we begin to forms our circles of support for the next cycle of growth and spiritual/healing work. Our innermost circle will be the individuals and guides who align with our own core values and goals. Do not be afraid to create a healthy distance between those YOU do not align with. This does not mean you need to write them off; but instead focus on forming boundaries that grow and adapt as you do. Allow the secondary circle to be fluctuating, as you form your needs and others do the same. 

On September 26th, Mercury trines Jupiter (retrograde) again and Venus squares Uranus (retrograde). This may bring a feeling of optimism and is another good time to research and contemplate any ideas or sudden insights that you have for your future and values!

As we close the month, the Aries Full Moon (Harvest Moon, Full Moon nearest the Autumn Equinox) will start on the evening of September 28th, before becoming exact at 5:57am ET, just before sunrise. With the Moon opposing the Sun, in the Aries-Libra (Me vs. We) axis, you may be called to take stock of relationships of all kinds, and any toxic traits from yourself or others. How can you remain in a healthy relationship with someone without becoming codependent, or giving too much of yourself?

The power we have over others energetically and emotionally as well as the power others have over us may be brought to our attention. Especially for our intuitives, gridworkers, and highly empathic individuals. However this is not a moment to feel weighed down or victimized! Instead view it from a perspective of Divine wonder. You may not be able to change what you are seeing and sensing right now. Re-direct your focus - how can this awareness benefit yourself and your community in the now? Is there a way to use the awareness to help, progress, or change? This change can be for yourself, your family, your community ... or even a change the future timelines.

At the same time, Mercury is now in a trine with Uranus, while Venus is square. So you may close this month receiving exciting news, new possibilities and new opportunities!


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