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Autumn Leaves


Noteworthy Dates

October 8th

Emotions Run High!

Mars Squares Pluto

October 14th

New Moon

Solar Eclipse

October 28th

Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse

Overview of the Month

We open the month embodying the lessons and growth we gained from September's astrological and energetic shifts. Hopefully September brought stability and clarity into new schedules and opportunities that will be evolving over the next three months.

On October 4th Mercury enters Libra. There is an emphasis on connections and relationships. Enjoy the physical and relationships you have cultivated. This is moment to enjoy the physical, do something fun with your friends or family and embrace being in the now!

 Through October 7th-8th Mars squares Pluto. From an intuitive perspective this has the potential to be a moment of new awareness, new guides, and new healing. If you are actively working on or with the grid, you may find new levels of soul work or even aspects/incarnations presenting themselves.

From a physical perspective this may be a moment where emotions run high. Be cautious as there could be explosive or over the top reactions. (With that said, for those dealing with the shadow parts of the feminine energy, this may be a point where you are given the opportunity to physically take the "high road." Thus finding another separation between your own shadow work and the larger consciousness of the darker/shadow feminine.)

Regardless, "you can use the harmonious reception between Mercury and Venus to blunt any exaggerated reactions by diplomatically communicating your independence." Beautifully said.

On October 12th, Mars enters Scorpio. This is a moment where community and group dynamics may come in handy. If you are feeling down or need a pick-me-up, call on your tribe!

For our healer and intuitive friends, you may find your own inner reflections coming to a temporary end with your system wanting or craving external inspiration. This would be a perfect window to express and share what those internal reflections brought to you. Keep in mind, there are many ways to express! Don't forget about written word, design, or even music or dance. Share your evolving story!

We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 14th! This one might be doozy for those that are sensitive. There may be a rush of spiritual information hitting your system that needs processed. If you find yourself tired or overwhelmed, do not hesitate to make time for yourself and rest.

Physically, you may feel a sense to release relationships and/or commitments that are holding you back from your true self. In the words of astrologer, Lynn Koiner, "let go of everything that hurts your heart." This could include unhealthy relationships with habits, food, or substances as well.


(Remember to take everything in measure and develop a proper support team if you feel the need to make drastic changes. With the exception of self-harm or violence, please note extremes usually lead to short-term results that do not encourage permanent evolution. For long-term adjustments or changes, remember it's a process. Don't be afraid to take the time to ensure you have stable and solid support before making major shifts.)

On October 22nd Mercury enters Scorpio. For me personally, this feels like a significant date. It is also a date spirit has spoken about the last two weeks. Oftentimes when spirit gives me specific dates, it eludes to turning points or a dramatic shift. I am not always effected by it directly; but more aware on a larger scale.


I suspect this day may bring a sense of unease or perhaps trepidation in regards to new territory or events. Regardless, of your ability level this may be a day you want to spend special attention to your nervous system and body. Choose tasks and companions that aid in relaxing your system as much as you are able. And of course remember, no one likes change; however sometimes it makes room for something more grand and beautiful.

From October 25th - October 26th be mindful of the information AND intuition you are in-taking and acting on.


When it comes to your intuition, remember your beliefs and traumas can play a part in your translation of sensations and messages coming in. Take time to think about the narratives that are being built around you internally. AKA ensure that self doubt and intrusive thoughts are not jading your intuitive hits.


When it comes to physical information, take time think about what resonates with your life path and determined goals. While there is truth to be found in most stories, if you are not able to apply and use the information in your everyday life - let it go. There is no need for your system to ruminate on or hold the energy of others' information if it does not move your forward.

On another note completely...for the healers, intuits, psychics, and lightworkers you may find ancestors and earthly spirits beginning to visit more frequently around this time. They may even offer opinions, insights or support energetically. The energy of passed loved ones and wisened ones will be at the forefront well into the beginning of November.

We have our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 28th!

Then of course, we finish the month with Samhein and Halloween! October 29th - October 31st will be very powerful. This has the potential to be a window of intense awareness both spiritually and physically.


For the intuitive kiddos, it is likely there will be a struggle to express what they are feeling or experiencing. (There is a likelihood of increased headaches, migraines, and spine pain as well.) Encourage and help the kiddos articulate expression of emotions and intuition as much as you are able.

However, if you are able to ride this intensity you may find your dreams reveal deep truths about your origins and physical action increases your spiritual evolution.

From a physical perspective be aware that for some this window will exaggerate their inner fears, anger, and helplessness. While you can be a support to those struggling, it is not your job to take on others' soul work or trauma. This may be a moment where you need to set boundaries  physically and emotionally. It also may be a moment where you need to take a  break from social interaction, social media, and news.

*** I have had alot of clients ask about October. Many have expressed fear, shared videos of fear mongering or information given to them intended to cause high alert. I have seen quite a few astrologers denote this October as being intense.

To be honest with you though, as a highly intuitive individual, every October is intense. Pondering this all, I wonder if some of what we are seeing is a collective, feeling the intensity of the veils being thin. In that thinness, comes the awareness that change needs to happen and happen in a timely or even quick manner.


(Keep in mind, the pandemic put us all on the same level energetically, physically, and emotionally around the world. While we have slowly been getting back to our normal lives, that does not mean the collective wave has lessened, in fact in some ways it has become more chaotic. Do your best to separate your awareness of self from the collective. Pro-activity for each one looks very different. You will always have to ride the collective wave; but that does not mean it has to become your identity or outlook.)

While I try not to sugar coat things, I also always try to give a proactive perspective. There is so much that is out of our control (both spiritually and physically) being proactive with the intuitive hits, mis-information or even with your communities does wonders for a nervous system. Same goes for astrology forecasts!***

Notes & Resources


October YouTube: Coming Soon!


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