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November 2023

Noteworthy Dates

November 7th

Veil is at it's thinnest!

True cross-quarter point for Samhain

November 13th

A change presents itself!

New Moon in Scorpio

November 27th

A moment to listen and express!

Full Moon in Gemini

Overview of the Month

The beginning of November opens with Venus opposing Neptune. November 1st to November 7th may bring difficult moments, both spiritually and physically. Physically you may feel your desires or expectations are not being met. You may also find yourself doubting your worth and your relationships.

Spiritually (especially if you do gridwork), you may find your meditations and dreams are scattered or have images of blocked routes or pathways missing. This may be a window of time where you embrace the winter months coming in and choose to camouflage your energy.


Though it may seem spiritual work (whether it is gridwork, healing or intuitive work) is significantly slowed or stalled; do not worry there is motion behind the scenes! Along with the stalled work will come a sense of insights and enlightenment to come.

Be mindful of rash decisions on November 5th. If you can, wait to make significant decisions (both physically and spiritually) after the 7th.

On November 6th and November 7th, you may feel the releasing of the stalled energy and have a knowing it is on its' way out. Likewise, you may find you mental is more kind to you and your perceptions of your relationships are more grounded. You may also have a knowing of your spiritual focus for the remainder of the month and feel the momentum of that work presenting itself.

If you received information on your origin or ancestral healing last month, you may sense this work will begin to unfold itself through the winter months. Take time to journal and express your journey. You may find the expression not only gives you insights; but also offers support to others.

Keep in mind that on November 7th, we are officially at the true cross-quarter point for Samhain. The veil is at it's thinnest!

On November 8th, you may find anxiety is prevalent. If your prone to anxiety, help your nervous system out and seek moments of quiet and/or hobbies that will calm your system. Focus on what you can control and change; not what is out of your control. This anxiety may build or hang around until November 13th.

For parents of intuitive kiddos, this may be a moment to share some extra time with your children and their hobbies. You may also want to consider setting up a new activity or bedtime routine for the winter months that includes family support, group activities and/or encourages open communication.

From November 10th to November 13th expect shifts and changes. This can be physical and spiritual. Expect energy to be high.

November 13th brings us our New Moon in Scorpio. Emotional transformation may be incoming! If it feels right, take time to work with this new moon and state your intentions to the universe. Take time to focus on you and your internal landscape.

November 13th may be especially overwhelming to our intuitive friends. Do not hesitate to self-soothe and self-care. This is a perfect day to book a healing, massage or aromatherapy session to encourage the movement of built up anxiety and energy so the muscles and system can relax. (This will be especially important for our intuitive teens and young adults. Encourage them to express and self care...maybe even join them!)

On November 20th sun and mars squares Saturn. You may find your energy dips or that you do not have much motivation. This low energy or feeling progress is slowed may last until November 27th. This is okay! Work with it as much as your physical life will allow. It will pass.

This also may be a perfect moment to lean on your family and support. Delegate various tasks and enjoy joining forces. Seek teamwork. Do not feel you must control or handle everything for the holiday months. Do not be afraid to compromise or say no.

November 25th may bring muddled thoughts; but heightened imagination and creativity. If you are able, lean into it! What daydreams present themselves, what narratives are being created as your mind wanders and what can you do to give voice to those daydreams?

We close the month with a Full Moon in Gemini on November 27th. This full moon brings illumination and communication! Be willing to listen and express constructively. This is perhaps what was cooking in the background November 20th through November 27th.


Stray away from communication that is malicious or demeaning. Likewise keep in mind, listening is a muscle that needs developed. If you are listening to be right or find fault in another, you are not listening. This is a window to practice clear communications skills through constructive words, moments of silence, and present listening.

If you find yourself struggling with any of the above, do not get frustrated or shame yourself. Simply take note and use it as information or insight into your depths. Muscles can always be built and honed!

Special Note*

This is our last month with our beloved astrological superstar,  Erin. Thank you Erin for your valuable insights and time! You have no doubt guided and validated our intuitive community these last few months and we are so grateful. You will always be a superstar in our books! Love you!


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Astrological Superstar

The monthly forecasts are made in collaboration with Erin. Erin has always been drawn to patterns and the stars, which started her interest in astrology and numerology. She took her love of numbers and applied it to her day job as an accountant. In her spare time, she has invested considerable hours into the study of astrology, for both internal psychological growth, as well as, studying astrological patterns throughout history to develop an understanding of what the future may hold. She is also a devoted mother of multiple, intuitive children.

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