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Simple Intuitive Art, Music & Movement


Emotions (or feeling) are so intimately connected to our awareness of energy and spirit. These fun, quick exercises can create expression to what intuitive children sometimes struggle to put words to; subtle energy, spirit and emotions.


Bubble (auric field) Drawing

Ask your child to draw, paint or create the bubble of energy that is around them.


(For Guardians) Description of Bubble/Auric field: “The bubble is a ball of energy that is all around your physical body! Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can’t. You CAN always feel it or picture it in your mind. It contains the energy your body is putting out, like your warmth; but it also contains the energy of your words, dreams and emotions. Draw what your bubble feels like today!”


Movement & Emotions

Ask your child to create movements or a dance to express various emotions. Start simple and then try more complex emotional combinations ie: “a little sad; but mostly happy”


(For Guardians) Description of Movement & Emotions: “Sometimes it’s hard to express what we are feeling in words. Let’s try movement! If you wanted to create a movement or dance to express (anger), what would it look like?”


Music & Dreams

Ask your child to pick or create theme music for a particular dream they have shared with you. (The point of these exercises is to open expression, I would not recommend choosing a nightmare or an intense dream unless your child expresses through music frequently.)


You can also apply this to emotions. Ask the child to pick or create music to express various emotions.

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