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Simple Duality Exercise:
Masculine & Feminine Energies

This is a simple exercise meant to encourage awareness of duality (and polarity) within the feminine and masculine energy! This exercise can be applied to any duality of your choosing! Duality is an important tool in our understanding. While we strive to see each other and ourselves as complex beings. Understanding the foundation of duality can lend to  deeper empathy and conscious awareness. It’s important to note that “right brain, left brain” exercises can also encourage awareness in duality.


*These exercises are meant for the more advanced intuit aka an individual that can meditate, feel, or visualize with intention.


Feminine & Masculine Energy Within

We all have masculine and feminine energy within us! This is not necessarily connected to our gender or sexuality unless we choose so. There are many teachings as to how these energies behave in our energetic system as well as express in our physical body. However for the sake of this exercise, which is more focused on “feeling and experiencing,” I ask that you set aside that knowledge for a moment.


Find a quiet spot or moment and go within. Bring your awareness to your inner space, your body and energetic bubble. Allow your awareness to become fully aware of your presence. Now, with intention ask your system to show you your feminine energy. Notice any shifts within your body, within your field, within your thoughts and emotions. Allow this to flow in whatever way your system is most comfortable whether it be feeling, sensation, images, colors etc. Allow yourself to sit within the feminine energy for a few moments. Give thanks to your system, release and then with intention bring awareness to your masculine energy. Just as before, allow yourself to delve into the masculine energy. Notice shifts or changes. And once you feel settled into the awareness of the masculine energy, compare. How does this energy compare to the feminine energy within. Give thanks to your system and release.


Feminine and Masculine Energy with A Buddy:

You can do this exercise with a buddy! (Please get the permission of your buddy first.) If physically together, hold hands and do the same exercise listed above. You can also do this exercise long distance with a buddy by attuning energies. Repeat the exercise, except this time; bring your awareness outwards to focus on your consenting partner and their energy. What does the masculine and feminine energy feel and/or look like on them? How does it change your perception of them physically? How does it differ from yours within? How is it similar?


Take it a Step Further:

Have fun! Let your partner consciously bring forth their energy without telling you whether it’s masculine or feminine. Can you guess which energy they are focused on?

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