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Co-Scripting with Spirit

By Patricia Briggs

I was raised in the Catholic faith while my parents dabbled in spirit communication at home. I was very familiar and accepting of the church’s version of what exists in the spiritual. There was an acknowledged hierarchy of consciousnesses. But subtly underneath, throughout was the message that the entire spiritual realm was all knowing. This message was furthered as my parents regularly used a spirit board to receive answers to questions they did not know. As a result, there was a mysticism attached to the spiritual realm that elevated it above man, in more ways than just vibrationally. The spiritual had all the answers.

Ergo, any interaction that I had with the spiritual realm was held in high esteem and never questioned.

It took me a while to understand that spirituality and religion are two different things, and more importantly there was nothing wrong, or evil about me not fitting the mold. Structured religion is just one means or platform through which people express their spirituality. Unfortunately, it was not enough for me. If I wanted the space to embrace and explore my spirituality and all that it meant, I had to move beyond and I did.

However, those early lessons in spirituality that I learned in the church and at home stayed with me for many years.

Fast forward many years. My daughter asked who I received a specific message from. I responded, “The spiritual.” She asked, “I know. But who in the spiritual… God? Angel? Guide? A departed soul?” I couldn’t answer her. I had never questioned who. I had just accepted. She convinced me that it was important that I know.

When I started questioning who I was talking to, I also realized that I had never questioned the information or messages that I had been given. The spiritual is like the physical, in the sense that there are many different beings and energies within its realm. Each being type or energy has a different agenda and this influences how and what information it relays to me. The same applies with dealing with people in the physical, but I had never applied the principle to the spiritual.

The most important lesson that I learned after I started questioning my interaction with the spiritual was that I had given all power over to the spiritual. I had given power to any message that I had received without questioning the messenger or the message. In giving them the wheel to my spiritual vehicle, the spiritual realm was completely in charge of my spiritual path and destination. I had no say.

I realized I was more empowered having a voice within the spiritual instead of following blindly. I gradually learned to establish energetic boundaries in the spiritual, as I had started doing in the physical. I continued to question the messenger and the message as appropriate. I no longer blindly followed through on the message. Instead, I would acknowledge the message and then check in with myself, trying to find the medium between the spiritual realm and myself.

In essence, I started co-scripting with the spiritual! Instead of me saluting and saying, “Aye, Aye, Captain,” I took over the wheel and became the captain of my own ship while the spiritual realm offered various navigational routes. I took back my power. The spiritual and I now have a healthier relationship that enables us to work together as a team.

*It's important to note that you can also have the opposite extreme. You can question so much, that you halt spiritual guidance and support completely.

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