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The Home Connection

By Leila Briggs

Frequently in the past, I would fall asleep in my bed and wake up in the old farmhouse that I grew up in. Don’t worry, I was dreaming…I think! Ha!


Multiple times a night, I could be at the farmhouse. Frequently, there were beings waiting for me, wanting to talk. Occasionally, I would see new work being done on the house or land, by the new owners. Or, I wandered around the property confused as to why I was there.


In my early twenties, I rented a house with my boyfriend at the time. This was where I was living when I made the decision to embrace my intuitive abilities. Years after I left this house, I would visit it in my sleep, just like the old farmhouse.  


Every night I was tossed between the old farmhouse and the house I rented for a short while.




Somewhere in my journeys, I remember reading an excerpt about how we create energetic cording with our land and home. If you think about it, it’s an intelligent thing to do. Energetic cording allows you to be intuitively aware of your property even while you are away (until you have developed your intuitive muscle where you do not need to cord).


I tested this theory as I did cases and worked with clients. I also tested this theory on myself!


Fun fact: Spirits and previous owners can still have cording to properties, long after they have moved on! This was why I was still visiting and receiving updates on the houses I previously lived in, long after I had left.


I also found that we co-regulate with our home, just like we do with a physical person. Again, it’s an intelligent thing to do; co-regulating ensures your environment remains safe and aligned with you and your family. From this perspective your house and land are very much alive with energy! Thus they become an energetic extension of you and your family.

As we experience life, trauma, and grief…even as we grow, our spaces can get out of alignment. This makes co-regulation more difficult. Likewise, this can cause tension on the cording which can make the connection brittle and strained.  For some people, this misalignment is what can cause a change in awareness and/or unwanted visitors.  AKA suddenly a house becomes “haunted.”


It’s important to clear your home as you have major shifts in life. Give your house the opportunity to grow with you. Likewise give yourself the opportunity to own the transition and empower yourself as you move through it. Return back to that home heart center, as my mom said in the previous blog.


When you leave a home or land, you also want to clear (and give thanks). Consciously move your energy, your emotions, and growth out of the home. Take it with you! Release any cording from any family members. Allow your home to say goodbye. This will ensure it is ready for the next family and ensure you do not leave any energy or any part of you behind.


As you enter this new year, don’t forget to think about your home. How can you support it, so it can support you through your intentions and hopes of 2024?

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