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Crystals are a favorite tool of Intuits, Healers, Lightworkers and Psychics!

Natural crystals are minerals that grow in the earth. Each type of crystal is unique in its chemical composition and energy signature. As a result, each crystal has its own unique set of metaphysical properties, crystal meaning, and usage. Not surprisingly, our bodies interact with the energy of each crystal type in different ways. Crystals can be used to amplify, balance, ground, and/or clear energy depending upon its energy signature. They are a perfect complement for any spiritual, energy, and/or healing work.

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All articles are the intellectual property of TriLia LLC and cannot be reproduced in any format without the express written consent of TriLia LLC. The knowledge behind these articles is based on decades of personal work in the search for truth and balance within the spiritual and intuitive community. The knowledge, and especially the exercises, are meant to offer you a practical pathway for using and developing your spiritual awareness in a physical 3D world.


None of the information, techniques, or protocol are meant to be a substitute for medical care or advice. You are advised to consult with your health care professional with respect to matters relating to your health, including matters that may require a diagnosis, medical attention, and/or medication.

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