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Feminine Shadowside Notes


  • In the external physical (meaning in relationships and environments around you) this energy may display as manipulative behaviors, extreme outbursts, controlling behind the scenes, shaming, territorial, and stealing of others' work. The physical displays will be more present in females or those with abundant feminine energy in their personal energy fields.

  • In the internal physical (meaning your relationship with self: mental emotional and body) this energy may display as intense anxiety and the need to control or slow down, cutting away or separating from those that do not serve, distrust, issues discerning ego, intrusive thoughts and heart awareness.

  • (For males or those with an abundance of male energy, this may look like anger, outbursts and paranoia with major female supports such as mothers, sisters or partners.)

  • Most prevalent at the moment over East Coast, the upper part of the United States and Canada.


  • 1 of the 5 major archetype energies on the grid. Work with as heal, become aware, ascend or lightwork. This is the energy most avoid or ignore.

  • Also known as the "dark mother."

  • Dream symbols: spiders, infestation of spiders, webs, towering woman with her face veiled or obscured.

  • On the grid she will often appear as a woman offering only ultimatums or limited choices at her choosing.



  • Just beginning, focus on or make a list of what you "stand for." What are the morals and beliefs you live by that allow you not only to be a positive force within your community but love /appreciate yourself.

  • Advanced, with the situations presenting themselves ask yourself - what can I take away for my own growth, what can I transfigure into positivity for my community and what can I let go (because it is a reflection of anothers own inner turmoil, not my own)?


  • Emphasis on strategy not manipulation.

  • Do not push away darker emotions or the energy of darker emotions. Accept & Understand them. This does not mean you have to act on them. But if you live in the world of "No I shouldn't be thinking or feeling this" - the feminine shadowside will hit your system harder.  Allow the energy of those darker emotions to flow through your system and as they do, seek to understand them, accept them AND if you can, love them. Why am I angry? Why do I feel the need to control? What is this anger or fear covering? What am I trying to protect myself from? If you allow this energy to flow, your healing work, gridwork and growth work will flow more effeciently.

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