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The Stars

Monthly Forecasts

May 2023

"All things seem possible in May!" Well it does seem to be an exciting month. Beltane ushers in a month of  possibility with exciting releases, inner transformation, and expansion!

White flower tree

July 2023

Discernment, heart's desires, and self-care are the name of the game this month! July may prove to be be more action oriented as we move through to August.

Bouquet of Peonies

September 2023

We officially welcome Autumn! This month brings Angelics and few moments to enjoy the scenery amongst busy schedules.


November 2023

November has quite a journey in store for us! This is a month of highs and lows, insights and daydreams. Don't be afraid to enjoy the slower moments!

Thanksgiving Pumpkins

April 2023

As spring continues, April brings forth emotional shifts and relationship healing paired with the power of our physical reality. Click here for the in-depth forecast!

Pink Blossom

June 2023

The Summer Solstice is here! This month brings the first day of the summer, opportunities of authentic communication, and transitions of power.

Close Up of Pink Roses

August 2023

August brings us two full moons with moments of shakeups, expressions of the heart, and time for reflection. Our Leos might get a little spoiled this summer!

Dahlia Flower

October 2023

A jam packed month! Samhein and Halloween follow the grand show of a Friday the 13th, New Moon Solar Eclipse and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Chrysanthemum Close Up

December 2023

The holiday adventures are officially here and with those adventures come stars that bring an emphasis on communication, community and oh yeah... a mercury retrograde! 

Cherry Tree
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