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Pink Blossom

APRIL 2023

Noteworthy Dates

April 5th/6th

Full Pink Moon in Libra

April 19th/20th

New Moon Solar Eclipse

April 22nd

 Mercury stations itself to go Retrograde.

Overview of Month

April is upon us! Let's take a look at the month astrologically and energetically!


April 2023 seems to bring emotional fluctuations, outbursts and purging, as well as fluctuations in the material. To our highly intuitive and psychic friends, the emotional energy is deeply connected to the energy of the spiritual realms. April's mass emotional fluctuations will reflect the movement of the spiritual.  Likewise the movement of the spiritual will have a direct impact on April and May.


We start the month with the Moon in a tense square to Venus and Uranus which may bring unexpected emotions around appearance, finances and love. Mercury in Taurus squares Pluto a few days into the month, which may bring instability to the financial markets. However, during this time, there is emotional and spiritual healing to be found if one is willing to take a realistic look at themselves

On April 5th/6th, depending on where you are in the world, we will have the Full Pink Moon in Libra. This full moon may bring an ease to view relationships in an honest light. Relationships that are supportive of our well being, may be elevated to an almost dreamy state, while we may also find clear thinking and judgment for relationships that are no longer serving us or our best interests. This Full Moon will also reveal the beginnings of our evolution through the next grand cycle (20 years). In the process, the energies the lightworkers will need to work with over the course of the next few years will also reveal themselves. If you are actively working with a community to heal on a large scale, pay attention to the energies at play around this time.


As a result of the "honest light," the middle of the month could bring emotional ups and downs in relationships and anything that one is passionate about. It would be good to err on the side of caution regarding any information you are divulging that could possibly cause unwanted ripples.

If possible, try to soften any harsh criticisms or words.


A bit of luck may show up on April 11th with the Sun and Jupiter conjunct.


On April 19th/20th, depending on where you are in the world, we will have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at the last degree of Aries. This is considered a crisis point, and big shifts during the 2 weeks before and at least 2 weeks (up to 6 months) after are possible. With this eclipse squaring Pluto, we may see a preview of the Pluto in Aquarius cycle we are beginning.

 This is not a good time to set intentions or practice any New Moon manifestations. This would be a good time to just go with the flow, and allow whatever presents itself to be. For our friends working on the grid and/or with the matrix, it is imperative you start exploring energetic strategy verses manipulation. Move with the energy presenting, to then find the needed opportunities to reach your goals personally and within the community.

Right after the New Moon Eclipse, the Sun moves into Taurus, and Mercury stations to go Retrograde on April 22, 2023 in the sign of Taurus. This will bring a focus to our material resources, such as finances, values, possessions and necessities. Turbulence in the financial markets may continue to be in the news with the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus at the beginning of this retrograde period, as well as Pluto in Aquarius being in the Egyptian bound of Mercury (turbulence in the markets may be a focus throughout this transit).

Additional Notes:

  • April Emotional Fluctuations: Emotions are directly tied to the energy of the spiritual realms and your intuitive abilities. This April is a perfect month to fine tune your discernment skills. As you move through various emotions - discern which emotions are your own, the collective (humanity as a whole), and which are clues into your spiritual awareness/spiritual realms.

  • New Moon Eclipse: This will be felt more personally, if you have any personal planets close to 29 degrees in your natal or progressed chart*, or if your birthday falls in the last two days of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), or the first two days of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). If you do feel an overwhelming call to work with the energy of this eclipse, it would be best to put introspection at the forefront. You will be able to sort out anything that catches you off guard later, but for this time period, just try to be in the moment. Because this eclipse is visible in the Southeast Asia region, including Australia, events may place these locations in the news.

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Astrological Superstar

The monthly forecasts are made in collaboration with Erin. Erin has always been drawn to patterns and the stars, which started her interest in astrology and numerology. She took her love of numbers and applied it to her day job as an accountant. In her spare time, she has invested considerable hours into the study of astrology, for both internal psychological growth, as well as, studying astrological patterns throughout history to develop an understanding of what the future may hold. She is also a devoted mother of multiple, intuitive children.

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