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Oh the places we will go!

By Leila Briggs

*In this two part blog I will be sharing a moment on the grid. This includes descriptions of unknown beings and various locations. For me, this is lighthearted and part of the adventure! However, I recognize for some, this may be scary. If you would prefer to focus more on the understanding of strategy, please look for the italicized sections.

In energy work, there is a difference between manipulation and strategy. This becomes apparent when you are working on the grid. It is important to understand the differences between the two. Manipulation and strategy have different effects on your outcomes, especially in the subtle energy work.

I want to share one recollection from last week when I was on the grid to illustrate this point. The length of the blog causes me to split it into two postings. I will post the conclusion, or second part tomorrow!


This is my second night on the grid after almost 4 years! Sure I have flirted with movement on the grid here or there over the last few years; but now I am moving with serious and conscious intent. I know it will be days before I can let go of the awareness again.

I have been asked to re-direct energy and move some “things” so that a few kiddos have what they need to begin their journey. Spirit has asked me nicely and not so nicely a few times. I hesitated. But now the kiddos, the physical kiddos have asked me; they have asked with strategic awareness. I know what it is like to not have help… to not have a community. So here I am, moving on the grid again.

First night went well all things considered. From the new angle that I am entering the grid, I am all but blind. As an intended result of my grid work from four years ago, there are no beautiful pathways for me to follow. It is much like an overgrown forest. I am managing to push my way through. However, my nervous system is unhappy from the stress of re-entry and no clear pathways. My body went from a four-year hiatus to jumping right back into the thick of things.

In an effort to help my nervous system, my body is desiring control. Doubts are sneaking in on my second night as a result.

The need for control is a coping mechanism as a result of physical trauma. It’s my new paradigm. Prior to my trauma, it was easy to quiet my nervous system. I know that if my nervous system is not kept in check, it can lead to manipulation and that will stop my work in its tracks.

Our spiritual literature is out of date and filled with misgivings regarding the ego. People are worried about not letting their ego win or take over….. blah blah blah. That’s not the issue! There are definitive times you need your ego to survive. Your ego is there to protect you.

The problem is the human brain is notoriously small-minded, or limited in its awareness; and as a result doesn’t understand what it doesn’t know. A better descriptive word might be naive. Our brain can’t grasp it is a tiny fish in a huge pond.

The focus shouldn’t necessarily be on control or controlling the ego; but instead changing our thinking to strategy which allows you to work with your ego, survival instinct and so much more.

Before entering the grid, I center myself, adjust my waking awareness to let my system hit that “drugged like trance state” that is needed to consciously dip into grid awareness. Thankfully my basic skills of consciously moving on the grid have not left me during my four-year absence.

Once on the grid, I am moving through the dark, flowing naturally with the energies that are presenting themselves. I flow while looking for a natural doorway to exit and change directions. It’s a risk coming in from this new angle because I cannot see anything until I am right up on it.

This is strategy.

Strategy is how you truly “re-direct.” You don’t exert your will onto someone or something. You flow with what you are given and find opportunities within the flow. You allow. You adapt. And you fail ALOT! You have goals, not expectations. Goals are met within the paradigm of a world already built with others already functioning within it. Strategy is about trusting yourself within the confines of a world that many others exist in.

I find a natural exit in the flow. I slip into it and slam into a dimension I don’t recognize. It's much like falling. Except when you land, your whole system vibrates with the shock of the new. It's anyone's guess as to your bodily position, appearance and location.

Thankfully I am upright and on my feet. In this dimension’s reality I am carrying a small ring box. This is what I have to deliver to the kiddos. I slip it into my pocket for safekeeping as I try to find another doorway that gets me closer to my goal. No sooner do I get the box slipped into my pocket when I hear a guttural animal scream.

Two beings emerge. I sense they are male in energy. They are tall, though one is shorter then the other. Their skin is drooping and hanging in ways a human skin would never hang. Their…noses hang down drooping in front of their lips. Their limbs are long. Their skin is gelatinous and wax like. Their eyes are black and circular, more like round buttons. (I can only imagine what I look like to them!)

I throw my hands up and quickly say, “I am sorry! I am just passing through!” They don’t understand... or they don’t care. The taller of the two moves towards me raising an arm. I see flames at the end of his limb where a hand should be. Okay that’s probably not good. He moves as if to hit me, his arm just missing me as I instinctively duck to the side.

“Okay, so I guess no talking then?” As I moved, I see what I think would be the spine of the smaller being and it is completely made of flames as well. Awesome. (That’s sarcasm.)

I see what could be a doorway beyond them. I make a run for it. They chase me. Why is something that appears gelatinous so quick at movement? (That's rhetorical.)

I am looking for an entryway back to the flow of grid energy as I run. My brain can just barely fathom the landscape I am in – maybe it’s a building or warehouse of some sort. Everything has a putrid orange tint to it. I can see that it’s spacious though. So it's got that going for it. Let's just say, it's not in my top ten for a retirement home.

I make my way down what appears to be a hallway of some sort. As I do, I see a pinhole in the landscape not far from me. Within the pinhole is the energy of the grid…I think! I can use it. I have to use it!

As I run, I consciously intend to change the size of the pinhole... or me so I can fit. I dive for it, hoping and praying my intentions will work. This pinhole is like a vacuum. I am sucked in and then promptly spit back out.

To be continued...

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Feb 20, 2023

OK, feeling like Tai Chi skills are also effective on the grid, good to realize this! Tai Chi principles embody deflecting the energy of another's advance, in essence using their energy against them, rather than yang-to -yang conflict, or asserting your will, as Leila said. The idea of a martial application being concealed within the form translates to being strategic with movement on the grid, being alert and aware and ready to pivot at any given moment. I'll keep practicing the Tai Chi form with this new perspective as an unexpected bonus!

Unknown member
Feb 22, 2023
Replying to

Ah, heck yeah! I hope your son reaps benefits!

There is a gentlemen I worked with a few years ago - Almost all of his spiritual understandings and inner knowing came from his martial arts expertise. The fact he was able to use his body and physical reality to reach those points made his energy very profound. He perspective always gifted me (as well as others, I am sure) with so much!

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