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Something Different: What is the Grid and what is happening on the grid at the moment?

Alright my friends, I cancelled this week’s blog post to focus on something more pertinent to the now. This past week brought a whirlwind of questions and repeat themes from clients and kiddos. I wanted to take this week’s blog to focus on a few of the themes in case others within the community had questions or needed validation. I am going to do three blogs and release them one after another and then we will return to our normal programming! Haha!

Blog Themes over the next three days:

1. What is the grid and what is happening on the grid at the moment?

2. I have noticed anger, bullying and passive aggressive behaviors towards me recently, is this because I am an empath?

3. Am I going home?

Please feel free to share with whomever you feel needs some extra oomph! Our young adults seem to be feeling some of the most recent shifts the strongest.

What is the grid?

Honestly, to explain the grid fully would take a book or two! I am going to give a brief synopsis as to what it is in blog format. You can post questions in the comments section below. This is my language of understanding; however please be aware that some refer to the “grid” as the “matrix” or “the highways of light.” You can find a plethora of insights and/or different perceptions online (or even in the new age section of the bookstore) using any of the above terms.

The grid is a massive set of pathways used by all energies and/or beings through timelines, dimensions and even alternate realities throughout the universe. WOAH!

To me, the grid looks like a giant series of cubes that meet and intersect each other. Anyone and anything that has energy is functioning on the grid. Nevertheless functioning on the grid consciously is very different then unconsciously functioning. Most, at some point in their intuitive or spiritual journey become aware of the grid. A lot of intuitive children are acutely aware and feeling the effects of their functioning on the grid.

These grid pathways can be used to heighten awareness, soul purpose or soul understanding, understand energy and other energetic beings, understand energetic patterns (this includes the energy of the earth, stars, society, other locations, past timelines, future timelines etc), help the collective, and/or become whole! Wow, is your brain buzzing yet?!

And that’s about as brief as I can keep it!

What is happening on the grid at the moment?

In November of 2019, portions of the grid slowed down, turned off or went dark. Meaning whole portions of the grid became quiet. A whole truckload of energies that function primarily on the grid flooded our physical. Likewise, a lot of intuits and psychics slowed their activity or even stopped their activity on the grid all together.

From an energetic perspective, it is not surprising that within just a week of this happening the physical started becoming… a little more chaotic. Please keep in mind, regardless of what your beliefs are about covid, our first documented case was the 17th of November (just a few days after the grid shift).

Energies from the grid and how they affected humanity from 2019-2021 would be a different, yet fascinating tangent. Not our focus though!

In 2021, the portions of the grid that had gone quiet started to “wake up.” It was slow moving though. It was kind of like flickering the lights. There would be patches of energetic grid movement and then everything would still again, sometimes for weeks at a time. This continued into 2022.

In October, we saw the grid shift and attempt to “turn back on” to full. Since then, the energies that entered the physical in 2019 have now been making a mass exodus back to the grid. Likewise, psychics and intuits have been reporting massive movements energetically. AKA they too are moving on the grid again.

This can show itself in many different ways such as increase in dreams, increase in paranormal activity, massive and intense downloads, constant intuitive hits, disassociation from the physical, flashes of light, headaches that Tylenol can’t touch and a roller-coaster of emotions. (Just to name a few!)

The grid will continue to pick up speed until it settles out to a more constant or normal level. Energies or beings will continue the exodus. The beginning of 2023 will mark a new beginning of grid work. The language and the movement of the grid has changed drastically; so there is a learning curve. With that said, if anyone is experiencing some of the more intense symptoms of this shift, they will also settle out in the beginning of the new year. The learning curve will reveal itself as your system relaxes into the shift over the next few weeks.

AND if you have no idea what I am talking about, well then carry on! Haha!

Much Love & Light,


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Nov 29, 2022

Did anyone see this coming before it happened? As in, has this happened before and can mathematically be traced back and mathematically be predicted? Will it continue to happen to different sections?

Unknown member
Nov 29, 2022
Replying to

Will it continue to happen to different sections?

I would imagine it has and will. Everything has a ripple effect. Humanity has a huge ripple effect on the spiritual paradigms that goes unnoticed most times. So to me, it only makes sense that a ripple would continue and/or our 2020 was the effect of a ripple from somewhere else on the grid.

There are portions of the grid that humanity can not reach. Simply because the vibrations are not doable. There are also huge portions, that even if you can get there - your brain can't translate it to you physically because they are unfathomable. So there are alot of what ifs. (With that said, you would only be able…

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