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May 2023

Noteworthy Dates

May 5th

Beltane & Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

May 9th

Transit period.

Shake things up or let them shake you up!

May 19th

New Moon in Taurus.

New Projects aligned with the soul.

Overview of Month

Well my friends, if you survived April you will be well prepared for May! And if you're hanging on by a thread...well the month of May push you closer to insanity! HA - Just kidding!

As we start the month, Mercury is still retrograde, and we are greeted with Beltane/May Day. Spring is in full bloom and summer is on it's way! The celebration of Beltane (actual date is May 5th with the Sun at 15 degrees of Taurus) also marks the cross quarter point. We are halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.


The veil is thin, so watch for any signs and synchronicity, or messages from the other side that show up unexpectedly. If you are actively working with the soul mate or Twin Flame energy, the beginning of the month will be pushing your journey and healing along. Most likely in rushed and unexpected ways. Have no fear though! The rushed journey forces missing pieces to reveal themselves.

Additionally, Pluto goes retrograde at the beginning of the month, and lasts until October 11, 2023. Venus is still in a square with Neptune, and on May 5th, we also have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. This lunar eclipse, combined with retrograde Pluto and Venus square Neptune, is all about self-reflection and transformation of our inner landscapes in order to put us on our fated paths.

This will be a time of reflection, where we are evaluating our own choices, attitudes, and stagnant or negative emotions. You will have a window of opportunity to close out cycles that are not serving you or holding you back from realizing your full potential. With the actual date of Beltane coinciding with the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, any fire ceremonies used for release will provide the jump start for self-reflection during this Pluto retrograde period. For those that like introspection, this will be an exciting moment in May. For those that do not like inner work, this will prove tedious and exhausting.

(At the same time, Mercury retrograde is Sextile Saturn. This period may increase your interest in your ancestors and the past, as well as viewing any repeating familial patterns and trying to break the cycle from continuing. If you have an interest in ancestral healing, this is a perfect time to start! If you have been actively healing your family lines, you may find it is swiftly coming to a close and a new healing adventure unfolding!)

May 9th (May 6 - May 13, 2023 is the full transit period) brings the exact conjunction (joining) of the Sun and Uranus. This may be a time of unexpected changes and an urge to shake up any day to day routines. This may also be a time where your consciousness and awareness are expanding! If you are feeling restless during this time, you may choose to take action. However, since Uranus rules accidents, please make choices that are based on calculated risks, and not just rebelling for rebellion’s sake.

The middle of the month may bring an opportunity to resolve any conflicts that are causing emotional turmoil in relationships. It is also a great time to participate in creative or community projects. This could include charitable causes. If you are an artist at heart, this is a perfect time to delve into a piece of work that has been waiting for new energy. You will have a nice window to create as this energy will last until the end of the month. It's also a moment that intuitive children may find a more efficient release within forms of expressive therapy. Bring out the colors, markers, and glitter! Bring out the music and get them moving!

The New Moon in Taurus on May 19th brings a time to set intentions on realizing your self-worth as well as your relationship to material matters. Again this is a great energy to start a new project (Mercury is also direct now), especially one that feels closely aligned with your life’s path! Just be mindful to not become too aggressive in your actions. Paranoia or impulsive thoughts and feelings may be high at this time. (Those exploring psychedelics to reach higher states of consciousness, this would be a good window to hold off. With the increase in paranoia and impulsivity, adverse reactions are plausible. )

The Sun moves into Gemini on May 21st, in an exact trine with Pluto. Gemini is the sign of the twins, and represents anything of a dual-nature (ie. Masculine/Feminine, Light/Dark, Holy/Evil etc.) This may be a good time to analyze and communicate any issues where a dual-nature is present. This is also an apt time to view issues from different angles, reflect on balance, and accept that there is usually a gray area to most matters in life.

As May closes (from May 23rd to the end of the month), Venus begins to Sextile Uranus, which may bring a need for fun and excitement. It’s a good time to meet new people or pursue creative endeavors. At this same time, the Sun and Mars are Sextile, so you may feel a surge of physical energy which can be released with physical activity. Go out and enjoy nature!

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Astrological Superstar

The monthly forecasts are made in collaboration with Erin. Erin has always been drawn to patterns and the stars, which started her interest in astrology and numerology. She took her love of numbers and applied it to her day job as an accountant. In her spare time, she has invested considerable hours into the study of astrology, for both internal psychological growth, as well as, studying astrological patterns throughout history to develop an understanding of what the future may hold. She is also a devoted mother of multiple, intuitive children.

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