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Purple Buds

March 2023

Noteworthy Dates

March 7th

Full Moon in Virgo.

Saturn ingresses into Pisces.

March 20th

Spring Equinox!

Sun moves into Aries

March 21st

New Moon in Aries.

A New Beginning.

Overview of Month

Happy Spring! Let's take a look at our month ahead!


The beginning of the month may bring a sense of frustration due to perceived limited forward movement. In addition there are undertones of a shift in the shadow side of the feminine energy. Initially this will be blatant to those on the grid or doing lightwork. Later in the month it will express itself physically. Communication may be stifled, and urges to overindulge in food and spending may stem from a previous trauma that has left a void. While this can be challenging, the stars and the feminine energy are preparing the way for a new beginning!

March 7th denotes the full moon in Virgo. On the same day Saturn ingresses into Pisces. This will be a release of the frustration and an ending. Life's Lessons move into the sign of collective unconscious. For healers, lightworkers and those working on the grid; the lull in energy and movement that has persisted since 2020 is also coming to an end.


This full moon would be a good time to review your routines and health. You may take the opportunity to leave whatever doesn’t serve you behind. It may also be a time where any longer term goals that were set at the end of August 2022 (the Virgo new moon) come to fruition. Same can be said for your daily energy and healing practices as well.

*Please note tempers may flare, and accidents may happen with this Full Moon, so take care to limit any extreme reactions and be mindful of slowing down if you are feeling rushed.


The middle of the month may have a "dreamy" feel. You may be more focused on studies of art or occult subjects. This will also be a time of dream and vision work. The progress and growth you have gained since 2020 has the possibility to show itself through the astral planes. This may be a time to solve any long standing issues, but take care not to act too hastily and “throw the baby out with the bath water”. This applies to the spiritual and energy work as well.


On March 20, 2023, the Spring Equinox takes place as the Sun moves into Aries. And on March 21, 2023, an Aries New Moon (first of 2 this year) takes place. With the New Moon happening at the very beginning of the zodiac, and within 1 day of the Spring Equinox, this is a time for new beginnings! Woohoo! Change is in the air as the natural world wakes up and is beginning to flourish. The veils between spirit and the physical will be thin during this Equinox. For those that are intuitive take care and take advantage! This is a perfect time to be open to conversation and healing with spirit as well as take a peek into the future of your summer. Additionally, ensure your protection and grounding are in place. With the thinned veils the exciting and changing energy may be alot for your system.


Physically during this time, we may notice a new focus on our appearance, relationships or our financial security. Any improvements or changes that one makes in these areas at this time, may not necessarily be easy, but they will most likely be for a long time.


Right after the New Moon, Pluto dips its toes into Aquarius. This is a small preview of a 20 year cycle (both physically and spiritually), that will focus on an individual's place within communities, the restructuring of toxic communities, as well as the meaning of and fight for freedom, equality and liberty. If we look into history, the last period of Pluto in Aquarius the fight for freedom and liberty with the people carrying out revolutions against their governments (1777-1797, Formation of the USA, Bastille Day in France). This period saw the Industrial Revolution picking up speed, so we may see great advances in AI technology, Decentralized technology and an increase in information on UFOs. Likewise we may be seeing the effects of our incoming technology on the grid. This is not all bad! It's an opportunity to work with it and understand.

By the end of March, Mars will move into the sign of Cancer, so be aware of any emotional triggers regarding nurturing. If you find yourself feeling deeply, use that emotional depth to make a positive change toward self-care or the care of others. 

Additional Note:

  • Saturn in Pisces (2023-2026) may bring discipline to spiritual practices, but also a yearning for some boundaries and separation in the social interactions we experience. On a world stage, this transit may bring more drastic examples of how limited water resources can be used and by who, as well as, disputes about the sovereignty of island nations or territorial areas at sea.  

Notes & Resources

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Astrological Superstar

The monthly forecasts are made in collaboration with Erin. Erin has always been drawn to patterns and the stars, which started her interest in astrology and numerology. She took her love of numbers and applied it to her day job as an accountant. In her spare time, she has invested considerable hours into the study of astrology, for both internal psychological growth, as well as, studying astrological patterns throughout history to develop an understanding of what the future may hold. She is also a devoted mother of multiple, intuitive children.

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