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Am I going home?

With the shifting of the grid recently, there seems to be a lot of fears and questions about “going home.”

“Going home” is a phrase or concept that many intuitives, psychics and highly intuitive children naturally use. Many start speaking of “home” at a very young age. They recognize their home is not “here.” Meaning on Earth. Quite a few feel part of their purpose is to make it back home or take others home.

If you did not experience that when you were younger, you will at some point experience a “longing for home” as an adult in your spiritual journey. This can come in many different ways through many different means. However it does come with the acute awareness that this Earth or time is not your home.

Some of that longing (but not all of it) is an intuitive push to open your HEART!

Not surprisingly the safest entry point for the grid or the grid awareness is through the heart. SO, if you have work to do on the grid, work to do with the collective or with your heart and soul – you are going to have a profound push to “go home.” That push is going to guide you through that growth, spiritual awareness and healing work.

The newfound fears popping up are no doubt a response to the grid being active again. While ‘going home’ is a complex expression of the soul, the new fears are in part a intuitive push or intuitive hit that you are or will be moving on the grid. Your brain is recognizing the “time limit” to make “things right” to go “home.” Your brain though does not fully understand what it is relaying to you. It’s just relaying!

You will have time. You will make things right. You will make it home. And if you are meant to guide or lead others home, you will do so.

Now let me add just a little tidbit here. I have encountered many within the spiritual community who have stated they are going home with great self-satisfaction. Many times this comes with a sense that they are better then others. I used to believe they were full of sh**… and I still do.

The day I realized there might be a possibility I would not be incarnated again or experience earth again, I grieved so deeply my heart felt as if it was physically breaking. I wanted to rip my heart out of my chest. The grieving process lasted for a LONG time! I grieved everything, even the ability to have someone angry at me or the ability to see destruction. Even anger and destruction are expressions of the human experience and the energy of love. I still can’t talk or write about this experience without tearing up.

If anyone tells you they are going “home” or this is their "last lifetime" and you don’t see pain or grief within their field or on their face – they aren’t going home; they are running. Please do not let them be your comparison point in your growth work or spiritual journey.

Perhaps I will write more about this experience in the future; but for now this is where I will leave it.

I hope these three blog posts brought some validation and insight!

Much Love & Light Always,


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Dec 01, 2022

Leila, the honesty and courage your words bring forth is of immense support. When I first felt that powerful sense to "go home", it was accompanied by a decade long "Dark Night of the Soul", and energetically sucked me into a destructive depression lasting just as long. I could not bear to be here any longer, but at the time, didn't yet understand the work that was laid out ahead of me, or the scope of what I was just beginning to embark upon. During that time, I too encountered a few individuals, who I respected and was trying hard to emulate their path, that very confidently proclaimed this was their last time on earth. And in receiving their announceme…

Unknown member
Dec 02, 2022
Replying to

I had no idea you think of this as frequently as you do! It's interesting, it's making me reflect a bit. In my journey I used to think of it daily...hour by hour even. Recently though, it hasn't been in my thoughts as much. I am assuming that's a result of my personal shifting. Curious though. Thank you for sharing mamala!

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