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Birthday Adventure: Did We Really See That?

On my birthday this year, my youngest daughter handed me some fun money to go to the casino with her as my birthday treat. She also planned on treating me to dinner.

We enjoy playing slot machines ever now and again. Whenever we go to a casino, our mantra is to have fun, let our money last, and hopefully leave even or close to even. We of course would love to win a big pot but we really don’t expect it. But the possibility is always there. We consider it a win if we walk away close to even.

Our day started out normal. We went to a casino that is within fifteen miles of my home in the early afternoon. We had a good time. We walked out a few hours later with the same amount of money as we came in with. Win!

We stopped to eat. She treated me to Cracker Barrel. I love their chicken and dumplings. As we sat there eating, my daughter suggested that our day out didn’t need to end, we could take a ride up to a new casino we had heard about.

She put the location in her phone GPS and off we went. As we were driving on the turnpike headed in westerly direction, we both saw something in the sky that was odd. We saw not one, but two separate bright lights that were not moving. The lights were stationary in the sky. We watched the lights as we continued to drive. They didn’t move. They were not airplanes. We were the ones clearly moving. Soon the lights were right above us and then we couldn’t see them anymore. We passed under them and then beyond them.

We both looked at each other in wonder. Had we seen two UFOs? What a treat! What a birthday surprise!

Just as quickly as we thought this and said it out loud, our brains started to rationalize. Our brains did not want us to even consider the idea. This made me wonder; how many times do we do this in life? If when we see something that doesn’t fit our paradigm, it is then ignored or justified as never happening. I think that if she or I had been alone we would have chalked it up to just a crazy idea and let it go. But we were in it together and we both saw it.

Dusk and then nighttime settled as we continued our journey following the GPS. We passed the exit for the town where the new casino was located but the GPS had us continuing on turnpike. So we did. Shortly thereafter, GPS told us that our destination was immediately to our right. Sure enough it was off the road to our right but there was no way to get there. We looked at the GPS and the line showing our car just stopped in the middle of the turnpike.

We looked at each other perplexed. This immediately struck us as odd. This had never happened before. We also were kicking ourselves for not exiting a few miles back when we thought we should have. Was this a result of our seeing two UFOs? Had our GPS been interfered with? These were all questions we contemplated.

We continued on to the next exit in order to get turned around and come back. We kept laughing about the absurdity of the whole experience. Of course we encountered construction, slow moving vehicles, etc., anything and everything that could slow us down. Our detour took us over an hour before we got to our destination. It should have only taken about twenty minutes. We enjoyed every minute of the detour being together, talking about UFOs and the response our brains were having.

My daughter felt we entered a time warp for that hour. I thought maybe we avoided a direct alien abduction experience! We don’t know for sure. We will never know. What I do know is the experience made this birthday extra special, gave me a story to tell… and possibly I need to quit watching UFO documentaries on Netflix.

With the Flame of Love,


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