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I have noticed anger, bullying and passive aggressive behaviors towards me recently...

I have noticed anger, bullying and passive aggressive behaviors towards me recently, is this because I am an empath?

No, it’s not personal; but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate or okay.

This blog is meant to give a deeper understanding; but is not meant to give the impression abuse of any sort is acceptable.

As an empath, intuit or psychic your abilities will be opening to a deeper level as the grid shifts and energies move out of the physical back onto the grid. This will have an effect that is twofold.

On one hand you will feel deeper. Meaning you will feel others’ words, judgments, questions, insights, thoughts, energy and/or emotions much deeper. You will also have a quicker insight as to what the other person is experiencing. This is your awareness or intuitive ability opening to allow the work you need to get done or the growth your system wants to evolve. Part of your journey will be discerning what you let from the external input “flow” and what you hold onto.

(If the person is not asking for your insight or help – let it flow. If the person is not harming you or crossing your boundaries – let it flow. If the person has no direct and profound impact on your life – let it flow.

Letting it flow, is acknowledging the energetic input but then intending the energy of that input to flow right back out of your system. Not pushing it away or ignoring it. If your intuition is flagging the input and you are not in danger; then use it as a point of reflection for growth. Let it sit within your system and focus on it in a quiet moment.)

I am sure I do not need to tell you that is is significantly more difficult to be around others when you feel deeply. Small things have a huge impact on your system. What you can normally let roll off of you, seems impossible.

LIKEWISE with the current grid shift, your heart and your inner light will get brighter.

When you carry a bright, luminous heart energy or inner light - many are affected by this.

If you encounter someone who is just starting their growth work or wants to do growth work, they won’t be able to get enough of you. If you encounter someone who is avoiding their growth work, they will be very angry and repulsed by you. In both these scenarios, the individual does not see you personally. Instead they are responding to what your energy is naturally doing to their energy. AKA invoking growth and healing.

It is very hard to not feel attacked or take it personal when the latter happens.

For every situation and each person you encounter the coping mechanisms will be different. In some scenarios, you will need to express yourself and your boundaries clearly. In others, you will need to play dumb, in others choose silence, or walk away, in others you will need to have a heart to heart or even a screaming match. Your coping mechanisms will vary (with that said, this can also be part of YOUR growth work). Ideally they will vary with your conscious awareness. Meaning you aren’t just RE-ACTING; but instead acting with intent.

You can easily build these skills within yourself or with your child through journaling, reflection, conversation and active imagination exercises.

Take a particular situation and replay or act it out. Each time, choose a different response. Allow the narrative to shift with each response. Do not be the others’ voice within the narrative; instead let the others build around your response.

FINALLY in any situation, spiritual or physical, abuse or violence is never okay. Violence is a moment that you should react. In most cases your nervous system will take control. It will send you into fight or flight or freeze mode. And this is okay!

Please seek support from others if you think you may be experiencing abuse or you are. And please encourage your kiddos to come to you or reach out to someone they trust if someone hurts them. This blog is not in any way stating bullying, passive aggressive behavior and/or violence is okay.

Much Love & Light,


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