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The Owner is Out

We are extended our little Halloween celebration! We have a special treat: a creepy blog written by my sister, Katey!


Despite being surrounded by paranormal activity throughout my entire life, I am the great pretender when it comes to my own paranormal experiences. Like an ostrich, I can tuck my head (in the sand), pull my energy in, and let on to myself that I am not seeing or hearing anything out of the normal. I will listen to someone else’s experience with wonderment, but when it comes to mine, I would prefer to pretend it never happened. I do not even want to discuss it after the fact. As a result, I have difficulty sharing any experience that I personally and directly experience beyond a chosen few.

For this Halloween blog theme, I am willing to share an experience where I heard what happened firsthand from the one that was at the frontline!

I asked my boyfriend to stay at my house while I was out of town so that he could keep an eye on everything and feed, water, and potty my pets. One afternoon, he arrived earlier then he normally does from work and decided to make himself some Bagel Bites. He put them in the oven this time rather then the microwave. While he was waiting for the Bagel Bites to cook, he went up to the bedroom where he was staying to play a videogame. The game usually relaxed him after a long day at work.

When the oven buzzer went off, he started down the stairs. My house is a split-level and with its addition, has four levels from the top bedroom to the basement. He had to go down two of these levels to get to the kitchen. As he started down, he heard two people talking. They sounded like men. They were whispering about how they only had a short time left to complete the job before the owners returned. He could hear them talking over the buzz of the timer on the oven.

He immediately thought that there were burglars in the house so he crept back up to the bedroom and grabbed a baseball bat. The entire time the oven buzzer is ringing. As he crept back down, he continued to hear the two talking about how the owner was out of town, so they had to be quick about it. As he stepped down into the main living room, it sounded to him, as gauged by their voices that they moved another flight from the kitchen into the family room that is at ground level.

He continued to move forward slowly and quietly to the kitchen. He peered down into the family room but couldn’t see anyone. So taking a deep breath he started down that flight of stairs still holding the baseball bat at the ready. As he touched down into the family room, the talking stopped. The room was silent and clear. There was no one there and none of the doors into the area were unlocked.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he returned to the kitchen to turn off the oven buzzer. By now the Bagel Bites were burnt beyond eating. Looking at the clock he had spent over ten minutes creeping around the house looking for the intruders. My poor boyfriend! Just kidding, he is used to it by now. Maybe more used to it then me.

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I totally get it! I remember my dad relaying a somewhat similar story when I was in high school. I thought he was kidding until I saw the look on his face. Home alone on the weekend while my brother and I visited friends, he came down to the kitchen to find the tea kettle boiling, whistling, with a cup, saucer and tea bag waiting. He grabbed an iron skillet, butcher knife, and searched the entire house. Doors were locked. He was home alone. 😮

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04 déc. 2022
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*nervous laughter*

This gif is perfect!

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