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Unity Consciousness

By Trish Briggs

Unity consciousness is the state of being that is characterized by the ability to see through, and past any form of duality or separateness, to perceive that all creation, all reality is a unified whole.


I want to introduce you to the concept of unity consciousness. Everything is a different aspect of a single state of being. This concept reaches beyond the sense of connectedness with the universe and everything that entails, to a sense of universal oneness. Even in the feeling of universal connectedness, there is a sense of separateness. You are there and I am here, and we are connected through the energetic biofield. Unity consciousness is a state of being; you and the universe resonate as one. There is no separation between you and the universe, or you and others. You are the energetic biofield.


Unity consciousness is an important concept because it is the next major stage, or vibrational step in human evolution. We will be stepping up from consciousness of duality into unity. It will happen organically and from the higher emotional vibrations of the heart i.e., compassion, kindness, humility, forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance. Unity consciousness, a higher vibration reaches the hearts and souls of all beings and manifests in a sense of oneness. It means rising above, or ascending beyond, the illusional differences that divide to find common ground so that we can live in harmony with each other and nature, as one.


Duality and conflict are central to the human experience because of the illusionary sense of separateness from self and others. Consider the duality of our brains, the right and left hemispheres, and the ensuing conflict between art and science. But in fact, both are just two components of the same body of consciousness, each with a different focus or direction of focus. Rene Girard, a well-known philosopher, stated that even the deadliest enemies tend to be identical to each other for the most part, but relatively minor differences are exaggerated to the point of contention and even deadly conflict.

This duality, or separateness, gives us the space to learn about ourselves and the world around us. An inner transformation happens as we grow and evolve in our awareness through our experiences. For example, this separation teaches us that two opposing ideas or feelings can exist at the same time, allowing us the space to realize for the first time the complexity of mankind from the glorious all-around 360’ perspective. If opposing ideas or feelings can exist simultaneously, then they can function as one. Ergo, as our awareness increases, so does our desire to unify. Our human mind naturally moves in the direction of unification.


I predict over the coming years, more and more unification theories on different topics will begin to emerge and be accepted as we move into this higher vibrational state of being. If you have time, take a moment and listen to John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” This beautiful and moving song, written in collaboration with his wife Yoko Ono and released in 1971, is about unity consciousness.

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