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When "They" Come A'Singin!

For Halloween, I decided we should share a few spooky and scary paranormal moments for our blog posts! This week I take the lead. Mama gets the lead next week!

Activity happens so frequently around my family and I, we don’t bat an eyelash anymore. Really it is part of our normal and daily lives. There are a few experiences though, that have been standouts in terms of creep factor. For me the creepy and scary meter goes up when it comes without purpose or understanding. Almost as if I am seeing something I should NOT be seeing or perhaps viewing something that “other things” don’t think I can see.

I would like to share, if I may… one of those moments!


Awhile back I was living with my boyfriend at the time and our cat. We had a tiny house in the suburbs and in retrospect, while we did have activity; it was by far one of the calmest houses I had lived in. I would often go to bed before my boyfriend and then wake up when he joined later in the night. The cat would sleep at our feet.

This particular night I went to bed and was instantly sound asleep. I never awoke when my boyfriend came to bed.

I dreamt I was on a mountain. In front of me standing, was a “man” I knew all too well. He always comes dressed in a black suit from the early 1900’s. His hair slicked back with the smell of cigars and/or cigarettes drifting heavily around him. A knowing smirk is always plastered on his face.

Predictably he threatened someone I loved. He threatened to harm my best friend. I watched her spirit drift towards him, away from her body in her bed as he called her to him. I screamed her name and slammed awake.

I immediately became aware that I was hearing something unusual outside of my house. I couldn’t place it at first. I lay in my darkened room trying to comprehend what I was catching audibly. Slowly, I came to the realization I was hearing several women sing outside my window. I couldn’t discern any words. They were loud and yet their song had a sound like it was drifting on the wind.

My heart started racing. At first I lay frozen, hoping it would just go away. It didn’t.

I rolled over and tried to shake my boyfriend awake. He remained limp and asleep. I shook him again and screamed his name. Still limp. Our cat was by our feet. I sat up hoping she was registering the sound. She was completely asleep. I shook her. She remained limp as well. To say I began to panic is an understatement.

I grabbed my cellphone next to the bed and got up to move towards the living room. To get to the living room I had to walk down a hallway with a handful of doors on either side. Every door was open and led to a room with a window facing the outside. I had a knowing NOT to look out any of the windows, especially the large window in the kitchen that was without curtains. I sensed that if I did look, something would then become aware I could see and hear it. (For some reason, even today, I have the distinct feeling that whatever or whoever these ladies were – their intention was to keep me asleep with their song.)

I moved through the darkened hallway towards the to the living room. I heard the singing follow me. It was as if the women were moving along with me on the outside as I moved on the inside.

I dove onto the living room couch as if the floor was lava. With my hands shaking I desperately tried to turn on a living room lamp next to the couch and call my mother who worked nights at the hospital. I consciously avoided looking in the direction of the kitchen window.

My mother could not understand a word I was saying. My words just tumbled out between panicked breaths. Oddly the singing became louder. I felt like I was trying to talk over the sound. I repeated what was happening. I remember my mom said in desperation, “I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what to do! Try salt! Grab salt and put it all around you!”

I begged her to stay on the phone with me and ran out to the kitchen. I kept my head down and rummaged through my baking cubby. Thank goodness I loved to bake! I had salt and a lot of it!

I grabbed my huge salt container and ran back to the living room. I balanced the phone between my shoulder and neck while I stood up on the couch. I hurriedly dumped salt all around the couch. Instantly everything went silent! Eerily silent. In my experience, silence during activity is never a good sign.

Survival instinct kicked in. I jumped off the couch and I lined my entire house with salt. Every single room! Even the hallway! My mom lovingly and patiently stayed on the phone. Just as I finished and sat back down on the couch I heard my cat jump off the bed. My cat slowly walked down the hallway towards me. Then I heard my boyfriend get up. He groggily walked down the hallway, confused and disoriented. Sound slowly returned to normal in the house. I could hear the electronics and the usual sounds of the house moving. Just like that, everything was back to “normal.”

My boyfriend at the time had no recollection of the night. To this day my mom and I still have no idea what I encountered or what encountered me. And there are not many experiences I can say that about!

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