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Can Subtle Energy Techniques increase your Intuitive Abilities and knowledge of the Spiritual World?

Intuition is the ability to understand something without conscious reasoning

(thinking). Physically, people typically experience intuition as a hunch, a feeling, an

impression, or an insight that is just suddenly present.

What many people do not realize is that energetically most of these intuitive “hits”

originate in the subtle energy field first. Your subtle energy field, meridians and

chakras are connected to both the physical body as well as the spiritual body. Each

chakra is related to different nerves and organs within your body, along with

different parts of your psyche. (For example, your root chakra focuses on your

survival/safety and is physically linked to your fight or flight response which is

associated to your adrenals and vagus nerve. This chakra is also connected to

different “feelings” as well as realms within the spiritual world.)

All parts of your energy system are interrelated, interconnected, and constantly

communicating with each other via energy. They are constantly gathering input

both internally and externally, as well as physically and spiritually. This constant

flow of information is processed by your body AND your energy system to

determine where it needs to be distilled and if action needs to be taken.

Sometimes information comes together in the third eye often as an image, knowing,

or an inner seeing. People recognize this as intuition. However, what is often

forgotten or ignored is that the third eye does not function alone like an island. The

third eye is part of a network, your subtle energy system. The third eye receives the

input from your other chakras (and parts of your energy system) and translates it

into an image or knowing so that you can consciously get a hold of it. The image is a

version of what your body was trying to tell you from gathered input. As a result, intuition is a full body energy experience. Since everything isinterconnected within your energy system, the clarity within that system will affect the clarity of the intuition and the interpretation of the intuition.

Developed intuition is usually a byproduct of getting your subtle energy system functioning in a healthy state.

I have heard intuition development compared to the building of a lighthouse. The

light won’t be able to shine out the top (intuition from the third eye) if the actual

lighthouse building is not solid or does not have a solid foundation. So if you build a

strong lighthouse, your intuition will naturally be strong.

It is important to note, some people are born with strong intuitive abilities. The

abilities may be strong but they are not developed. Big difference. They have

basically been handed the light for the top of the lighthouse, but are missing the

actual lighthouse. This leads to intuitive hits that are all over the place and not in

their control. If they take a timeout to build the lighthouse, the light will develop

naturally and show them more consistent information/images. And as a result, they

will be able to trust what the light at the top shows as well as have a certain amount

of control.

You can build a strong foundation and a strong lighthouse using subtle energy techniques.

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