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Grid Symbols & Themes

By Leila Briggs

The grid and the language of the grid is rapidly changing. If you would like more details as to why, you can refer to my previous blog post on November 29th or click the link at the bottom of this post.

Despite the transition there are themes or symbols that are set in place to last through the rapid change. A foundation of vocabulary, if you will. This is so those accustomed to the grid can find their bearings. I thought I would share a few symbols and themes, so those that are now dreaming more, or suspect they might be doing grid work can be on the same page as those that already are. As always, take what resonates and let go what does not. Every individual’s spiritual journey and gridwork is unique, though connected to the collective. This posting is only meant to be a loose, beginner’s guide. I will add more as we move through the grid transition. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

Stairs, Elevators and Doors Oh My!

It is really hard for the brain to fathom the grid in its natural state! If you are totally relaxed and your conscious brain is completely quiet, you may see highways or lines of light you can rapidly move on. Just thinking of someone or something can change your position instantaneously. This is the closest to the reality of the grid the brain can get. Though most times in dreams, lucid dreams and meditations you will see a series of stairs that can move, or hallways full of doors that lead to different locations. You may also see or sense elevators that can rapidly change your location.

Visions or dreams including themes like the above may indicate you are becoming aware of your movement on the grid. Keep in mind your brain works in symbols when it interacts with spirit or tracks your spiritual movements. The symbols allow the messages to be multi-dimensional (meaning they can have layers), but also makes them more palatable to the conscious or waking self.

The Dog

When on the grid, the dog usually represents the counterpart or the Twin Flame of the individual moving. A dog is a constant and loyal companion. Your spiritual counterpart, grid partner or Twin Flame will oftentimes be seen as a dog. When you become very proficient at the grid or extremely aware, you can ask the dog (your counterpart) to do separate work or tasks on the grid. Your brain may translate this as you watching or tracking the dog or even looking for the dog as you do your own work.

*Depending on your belief system, the dog or wolf may be interchangeable. If you study a religion or have a cultural background where the wolf is a positive animal totem, you may see the wolf as your counterpart. Likewise if your belief system views the wolf as a threat, on the grid this may present itself as an opposing force to you or your counterpart.

The Barking Dog

This is an alert system. The alert systems on the grid are by far, the most slated. A barking dog is alerting something foreign or opposing you/your work is trying to approach you or enter your space without your permission. This may also be your counterpart letting you know it has tracked something getting close to you, your energy, or physical body.

This is not always a threat. However, it is my opinion that anything and everything that approaches you, should announce themselves and state their intentions. Especially if they try to enter your physical space!

Flood Waters or Flooding

This has to do with “energetic dumping.” Flood waters are symbolism for a massive influx of emotions. Usually when you see an influx of emotions to this degree it is due to grief or physical trauma. The body can’t contain or process this intensity of emotions and thus is forced to dump it elsewhere, like the grid.

The waters or emotions remain on the grid until either the individual has space to process or is safe to process. This is an incidental form of energetic dumping. Meaning it is happening naturally for survival. There is no conscious effort to push away the emotions or trauma. The body is simply responding.

Specifically if you have a vision or dream in reference to the grid in where your car is under water or filled with water this could be your brain trying to relay your spiritual body AKA vehicle (as it is the one that travels the spiritual world) is flooded. Meaning it cannot go anywhere due to the influx of emotions. Time needs to be spent processing and working with the emotions before work can begin again.


This has to do with energetic dumping, out of control energy and/or un-owned emotions. It is normally personal to the individual seeing or dreaming of the tornado. So this could mean a family member or friend close to the individual is dumping or even the individual themselves is dumping.

In dreams or visions on the grid, many intuitives are the only ones who can see the tornados. They spend a great deal of time trying to convince others a tornado is coming and they must get to safety.

This message is not just about the grid but about the intuitive as well. Their awareness may or may not be the same as others, may or may not exist to others OR may or may not be validated by others. This doesn’t make it any less real or important to the one seeing and experiencing it.

If care is not taken with the tornado it can destroy what’s in its path. This applies to the grid as well.

The Breastplate

If you see a breastplate or chest plate on an individual on the grid, you are dealing with someone who is aware of the grid and navigating the grid/spiritual realms proficiently.

Whether the individual consciously built their breastplate or it is one made out of trial and error on the grid, it is there because they have control over their heart energy and navigation skills on the grid.

If you are lucky, you may see a small light or crystal within the center of the breastplate. Most times you will not though. This plate is designed to guise or control the heart and soul energy, which allows proficient movement and navigation on the grid. A dimmed light or heart energy equals quiet movement on a grid made of light and energy.

(This does not automatically mean the person is a loving person in the physical though! One can navigate the grid with an understanding and proficient access to their heart/soul energy. That does not always equate someone who is seeking love or wants to give love. Remember, that while the access to the grid is in your heart, the grid is about soul work. Soul work doesn’t always behave in the human paradigm of “good people work with spirit” or “only good people ascend.” This can be very challenging to most; but especially highly intuitive children.)

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Unknown member
Jan 16, 2023

Mom was disappointed I didn't use a picture of our doggo that passed last year. I added his image this afternoon. That is the Great Thor aka Thorny! 💜


Thank you for putting this out! I have had a few of these reoccur over the last year. 💚

Unknown member
Jan 16, 2023
Replying to

Nice! I think we all, especially intuitives, are more active and aware of the grid then we realize.

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