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Multidimensional Consciousness

By Patricia Briggs

*The following is an excerpt from “Handbook for Intuitive Parents and Children” that we are in the process of writing.


We are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional universe. Some highly intuitive children enter this world already knowing this.

We function in many different versions of reality simultaneously. Though we appear to be only conscious HERE, there are also alternative forms of THERE in which we experience life in a conscious manner also. In the most simple terms, these other realities encompass different dimensions, timelines (incarnations), alternate, and parallel universes. These multiple realities exist in both the spiritual and physical realms. Each reality has its unique characteristics based upon its individual vibration and personal signature. In each reality a different version of you exists, experiencing life and learning soul lessons.

“We are part of much greater system of many realities, within realities, within other realities. What we see in our universe is really us, our individual and collective minds, transforming the possibilities of the deeper realms into physical reality.” (Braden, 2007, The Divine Matrix, p. 113)

Mind-blowing! If this concept is new to you, it is a lot to take in. This is a big concept!

Our conscious brain (HERE) insulates us from these other realities until we are ready to embrace them. Some literature calls this insulating phenomenon the ‘Veil of Forgetfulness.’ This veil allows each version of us (piece of consciousness) the ability to assume the unique perspective of being in the NOW in whatever reality the version exists. This Veil also creates a filter, blocking you (HERE) from what you have no desire to see (THERE). HERE, you have assigned for yourself a specific focus, and your veil ensures that you stay within the HERE until that focus is complete. When you are ready, you will lift the veil and see different THERES.

The phenomenon of multidimensionality is easier to understand if it is approached from an energetic perspective rather than a physical one. From the common ground of energy and the vibration of energy, we perceive unlimited possibilities from what we originally thought was impossible.

On one trip to Ireland, Leila and I were searching for evidence of a past-life connection for her that had haunted her much of her existing life in this time. It involved a particular part of Ireland and a series of churches. The churches were some of the first ones built when Christianity took a foothold in Ireland.

In the process, we narrowed our search to a location of one specific church in a specific park in Ireland. We kept returning to this park, searching. Maps and literature told us we were in the right location. But everyone we asked about the church denied its existence. This didn’t make sense. Energetically, we had the sensation that the church was being hidden from us, not by the park personnel, but by something greater than us. We had found everything else that we had sought, giving Leila the validation that she needed. We just had this one church left to locate.

One day standing in the office of this park talking to personanel, we looked up at an old picture on the wall and saw the church that we had been asking questions about. The door had finally opened. We got directions.

It was a short hike. There was a strange energy around us, as we hiked to the location that day. The initial part of the hike was along an old dirt road. It was creepy. We felt like someone, or something was watching us the entire time. We heard strange noises off in the woods along the way. We finally saw the remains of the church off to the side within a field of tall grass. We came to a tall, wooden gate standing by itself with no adjoining fence. A literal door in the middle of nowhere. We could see a narrow, but mowed pathway from this gateway that led to the church. The immediate area around the church was also mowed. It was clear that someone was taking care of what is left of this church. We were still uneasy with the energy. The question remained about why its existence had been denied by so many.

Once within the church, Leila and I parted ways, each one of us looking separately around the remains of this church. It was a small church, maybe 12 feet by 12 feet and the walls were only partially left standing. So, it was easy to look across the church and see into the field beyond. Everything was very still by the church, but it wasn’t just stillness. There was a different quality to it. It felt like I was in a vacuum, void of any sound. As I wandered around by myself, I eventually realized that I had not seen Leila for a while. I looked for her, but I couldn’t find her. I circled the church multiple times and never saw her. I should have seen her because this is a small area.

I know we were on this quest to connect her to her past life; the thought ran through my head that I may not find her because she had traveled through time. (Obviously, I read too many paranormal books. The impossible is immediately plausible to me.)

I wondered how was I going to explain my daughter disappeared.

Suddenly, I had the urge to sit down in one spot. The thought ran through my head that if I quit moving around the church, she can find me. Eventually, she did. In her telling, I was the one MIA, and she couldn’t find me despite searching as well.

The strange energy stayed with us as we walked back down the trail towards the park office. We noticed odd things that indicated to us someone had been on the trail after we had passed through. This didn’t make sense to us because we could see the trail from the church and there had been no one.

For a moment in time, either one of us or both of us were out of sync with this reality. Where we went, I could not tell you. Maybe my brain wasn’t ready to know.

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