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Our Blessing in Disguise

By Katey Briggs

I recall that we had just had gotten into a fight over something. I know that we were both then being stubborn and not talking to each other. We were each waiting for the other one to break the ice and re-establish communications.

I went downstairs to the lower level to do our laundry. While I was sorting laundry in the laundry room, I heard Matt in the adjacent family room talking to me. I answered him back. We were having a normal conversation with no leftover heat from previous disagreement. I don’t remember what we talked about. I just know it was a pleasant conversation through the door. After I finished, I came out of the laundry room expecting to see Matt. I was surprised that he wasn’t there.

I went up the stairs looking for him.

When I went downstairs to do laundry, unbeknownst to me, Matt went out the backdoor and sat on the porch. The backdoor was off the kitchen level. I was one level below that in the laundry room by the family room. (It’s a split-level house.)

As he was sitting on the back steps, he heard someone knocking on the backdoor from the inside. He assumed it was me. When he looked up at the window of the backdoor, he didn’t see anyone.

He looked back down, and the knocking happened again. At this point, he figured I was knocking and then hiding from him. So, he decided to come back in the house and confront me about the knocking.

He was coming in the backdoor just as I reached the top of the steps from laundry room. We looked at each other across the kitchen. We quickly shared our individual experiences with each other.

I never fully understood what happened that day, other than it caused the two of us to forgive each other and talk to each other. I viewed the experience as a blessing in disguise.

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