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The Ripples of Quantum Energy

By Trish Briggs

I want to build on our discussion of quantum energy by introducing energetic ripples today. Previously, I discussed how everything is energy and is connected through an energetic field (i.e. matrix, network, grid). Knowing these two basic concepts makes understanding the concept of energetic ripples much easier.

I am sure most of you have heard of the Butterfly Effect. In general, a small change like a butterfly flapping its wings in one place can trigger a huge change, like a tornado, in another place and time. For today’s discussion, it is a perfect starting point for a discussion on ripples of energy through an energetic field.

More simply, when you change one thing in one spot, you change everything everywhere. Knowing that everything is connected through energy in the energy field, it follows that one change in a single localized spot will energetically impact the whole field. This one change causes energy to shift across the whole field like a ripple. Once energy is in motion, it tends to stay in motion, hence the continuation of the rippling until it loses its momentum.

Consider the visualization of a stone being dropped into a calm body of water. Immediately afterwards you see ripples fan out from the point of impact across the surface of the water. The ripples in the water are a result of the energy from the impact transferring into the water and moving across the body of water (energy field). The ripples get less noticeable the further out they reach from the point of impact. Eventually, they are no longer seen visually and eventually cease when the momentum completely dies.

It can be a small change or shift that causes the ripple, such as a butterfly flapping its wings, or something bigger. Both are felt across the energy field and the effect can be felt in big or small ways.

Sometimes, the simplest thing can impact my thinking greatly, yet not phase someone else. The same applies to each ripple, some affect us all, some affect only a few. We each are individuals and at different points in our journeys. Therefore, each ripple impacts us individually, and differently depending on its origin and where we are at when it strikes.

Ripples can be a very scary thing for a child. My daughter, Leila, was born seeing the ripples in real-time like a movie playing out in front of her. I didn’t realize this until years later when she had the verbiage to share with me. At the time, she had a knowing of worldwide events that was uncanny. Despite the TV being off-limits in our house, except for Disney movies, I would find Leila sitting on the floor in front of the TV, with the TV off, staring at the blank screen.

On the blank TV screen, around the age of three, she was watching all the ripples of energy move and impact different events in the world. She could tell me about a volcano in a foreign country and describe the ripple that caused it. Originally, my husband and I thought the news on TV was the source of her anxiety and nervousness. Hence, the ban on TV in our house. Then we thought she was receiving the news energetically somehow from the TV. We were right but we were wrong too.

The source of her anxiety was seeing the energetic ripples and their resultant effect across the world, and through time and dimensions. It had nothing to do with the daily news report. This was an alien concept to us and one that I would not understand for years. I had no personal knowledge of energetic ripples to even consider it as a possible source for her anxiety.

As she described it to me when she was older, she could see how everything she did, or thought, would ripple across the energy field, affecting other people and things, in this timeline and others, and in this dimension and others. Woah! That sounds overwhelming just writing it. As a result, she was afraid to move because of the effect her ripples had on the whole energy field. Basically, she brought herself to a standstill out of fear. The timidness we saw in her was due to the ripples and her fear that she might harm someone or something through the ripples she caused. Talk about cause and effect… She knew what it was real-time!

Eventually over time, with the help of some spiritual friends (her story to tell), she was able to move and work with the energy ripples. She no longer feels powerless. Instead, she studied the ripples and empowered herself. Today, she rides the ripples, like a surfer rides the ocean waves, to move energetically where she needs to move, when she needs to move. Surfs up!

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