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Everything is Energy

By Patricia Briggs

When we are trying to understand complex concepts in spirituality such as multidimensionality (involving several dimensions or aspects), the understanding is made easier if we look at everything from an energetic perspective. This is possible because everything is energy. This is one of the most basic tenets of quantum. We don’t need to be physicists to understand this in a very basic way.

There is an underlying energetic component for everything physical.

Let’s start at the beginning. In high school chemistry we are taught that the basic building block for everything is the atom. The atom consists of a nucleus containing protons and neutrons, with electrons moving in orbits around nucleus. If we look at this atom from energetic perspective, it looks like ‘a ball of energy, giving off energy.’ Within this energy center there is internal motion (flow) as the electrons move; even the protons and neutrons are not stationary. There is energy moving and causing movement outside the atom through the forces of repulsion and attraction between the different atoms.

Atoms are the building blocks for everything. The chair that you sit in is created from specific atoms arranged in a specific way. The air that you breathe is created from specific atoms arranged in specific way. The same applies to your body and its structure. Some of these arrangements happen naturally and others are man-made. If you now substitute “balls of energy giving off energy” for the atom, you have changed your mindset to a subtle energy perspective that is closer to well known spiritual teachings. Everything looks different from here.

From this perspective, energy is very dynamic because of its continuous movement and flow.

If you look with your mind’s eye, you can see energy flowing through your body’s subtle energy system. Your thoughts, intentions, words, emotions, feelings, beliefs, actions, and even your trauma are an energetic component in this flow. The more vibrant the flow, the healthier the body. Outside your physical body, the energy flow is caused from the interaction of your energy body with other people, environments and things. Each has its own unique energetic signature. From this perspective, matter becomes the illusion.

Self-healing work becomes easier when you view everything from this perspective. My daughter is the first to remind me to do this when I am trying to solve a particularly difficult issue, such as a difficult belief that needs released or accepted. When I do this and let the energy naturally flow through, the energetic tension typically releases with ease, or gives me greater insight into what else needs to be investigated.

When you recognize energy is the basis of everything, it allows science and spirituality to co-exist. Likewise healing and modern healthcare can co-exist and even metaphysical living can co-exist with physical living.


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