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The Subtle Energy of Unprocessed Trauma

Subtle energy connects everyone. Think of it as a subtle communication network. Through these energetic connections, you receive and give information by means of energy. Most people are unaware of one’s own personal energetic body and that one’s personal reality is created through energetic connections. Subtle energy is something that you feel first, before you see it. Awareness of subtle energy and these energetic connections bring awareness that your own energetic body affects others. With this knowledge comes responsibility. Once you are aware, you become consciously responsible for your own energetic behaviors and actions.

Our society has a tendency to push any uncomfortable emotions and feelings with respect to any traumatic issues away, rather than process them. Processing involves acknowledging their presence (facing), being present with them (embracing), accepting them, and then letting them flow through energetically (releasing). The experience and the lessons learned will always be a part of you but the zing that came from the unprocessed emotions/feelings wrapped around the experience are gone. This is processing the energetic component of emotions/feelings/trauma.

If the emotions are not processed, they remain with you. You can choose to ignore them, compartmentalize them, or hide them away from conscious thought. I will admit that I am very proficient at compartmentalizing. It is a necessary requirement for nursing. However, the problem is that the energy of those unprocessed emotions/trauma remain despite being out of sight. They remain within your energetic field.

They energetically sit between you and another. From another’s perspective, you force the person to wade through all your energetic issues (unprocessed emotions) to get to the real you. Knowing this, it is not surprising if you have the impression at times that very few people know the real you. This problem can be solved by proactively processing what you have been ignoring. Bring it back in and consciously process it. No one can process it for you. It is your responsibility alone.

Recently, I was fortunate in my own healing work to experience something that I think is worth sharing with you regarding how my husband’s unprocessed trauma affected me and continued to affect me years after he had died. I had to spend time healing (processing) the effects my husband’s shove into his energy field, had on my life through my energy field.

My husband died when my two daughters were in their teens. Years after his death I would have different dreams with the same re-occurring theme; he left me for another woman. This never really happened. During my marriage, I didn’t feel there was another woman but I did feel many times that I did not have his full attention. This did cause me unease that he was not as fully engaged in the marriage as I was. Almost twenty years after his death and after I had put in the time and effort healing my own unprocessed traumas and emotions, I finally knew the source of the unease and dreams.

There had been another woman in my marriage energetically. The other woman was the unprocessed emotions and trauma that my husband had shoved into his energy field from his first marriage/divorce to his high school sweetheart. I cannot fault him for this because at the time he did not have the skills (nor did I) to know that it was energetically sitting in his field.

She was so much in his field that my oldest daughter had sensed her and multiple times asked him if there was another woman. (She was unaware of his previous marriage.) She was consciously reading it in his field but at the time, she hadn’t developed the ability to discern between physical and energetic. I was unconsciously reading it and it was the source of my unease.

It was not until I was conversant enough with the language of energy I was able to understand what my daughter and I were experiencing. I was feeling the effect my husband’s energetic shove had had on me almost twenty years after his physical death. I had worked my way through my direct trauma far enough that I reached this finer layer of indirect trauma.

This is an important concept to understand. I was affected by his energetic shove of unprocessed emotions associated with his trauma. This shove caused feelings/emotions in my field that were difficult to discern until after I had done a fair amount of my own healing. I had never processed them before because I was unaware that they existed in my field. This deep level of healing/understanding would not have been necessary if he had processed his emotions.

Part of living a multidimensional life is the understanding of how your subtle energy affects other people and taking responsibility for your energetic behaviors and actions. In other words, know that all your unprocessed energy remains even after your physical death. If you don’t take care of it during your life, it will have to be dealt with after your death from a different perspective. And those that remain will also have to deal with how your unprocessed energy affected their lives during your reign on earth as a physical being. The lesson I learned and want to share is deal with your unprocessed energy before you leave this life so others, especially loved ones, are not left to find their way through it. You can do it.

With the Flame of Love,

Trish (Patricia Briggs)

(This is a small excerpt from draft of “Handbook for Intuitive Parents and Children” written by Patricia Briggs & Leila Briggs.)

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