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Alright, my friends! I am sorry we did not get a blog post published last week. The Briggs household was “down with the sickness” (as a good friend says) AKA we got the dreaded Covid. It’s been quite an experience; but it would seem we made it through!

I am excited to share a four-part blog by my mother, Trish Briggs. For the next few weeks she will be sharing her evolution in her power of sight AND how that sight became intertwined with her mother.

By far, this is one of my favorite stories of my mother’s history. It makes the sacredness of the mother-daughter connection so powerful to me! To all our mama friends out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

Much Love & Light,


My Visions: Part 1 of 4

By Trish Briggs

From my early days onward, I have been a powerful dreamer. I had visions while I dreamed as well as astrally traveled.

Early on, the visions were vague and lacked clarity.

I recall one time in my late teens or early twenties having the vision of older man holding his hand behind his back, embarrassed about something that happened to his hand. The man was built like my dad but I could not see if it was my dad in the vision. I did mention the vision to my dad, just in case, and asked him to be careful with his hands. Shortly after this vision, in a matter of weeks, my uncle (who was built like my dad) injured his hand in a farm machinery accident. He put his hand somewhere where he shouldn’t while the machine was running; he knew better and was embarrassed about the incident.

This validated my vision and gave me the motivation to work on getting more details in my visions. My thinking was if I could have seen the vision pertained to my uncle then I could have cautioned him and maybe the outcome would have been different. I prayed for clarity. I was asking for what today’s literature describes as “the development of the clarity within my third eye chakra." Chakras were a foreign concept to me in my younger years.

I became focused on seeing. I never envisioned what my response would be if I saw something that I didn’t want to see.

I was now in my mid-twenties, and my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. The prognosis was not positive. I lived about 6-8 hours away from home working as a chemist at the time. I was asked to go on a two-week trip to Europe for the company, promoting a new application that I had developed for one of our products. I had the idea that my mother and her friend could meet me in Rome after I finished my tour of businesses and we would have one last vacation together abroad. My mother was strong in her Catholic faith and had always dreamed of seeing the Vatican. I felt like this was a special gift that I could share with her. This was the plan.

One night about a week before I was supposed to depart for Europe, I had a very vivid vision during the night. It was crystal clear. I had my clarity that I had prayed for. I landed at one of my stops in Europe and departed the plane to be met by the company’s representative. I had never met this person before so I didn’t recognize him. He said to me that I had to fly right back to the states because my mother had died. He helped me collect my luggage, took me to another gate, and gave me a new ticket so I could fly home early.

I woke up in tears. I began grieving the loss of my mother like it had already happened. The vision was so real. I remember feeling lost and not knowing what I should do with myself. I couldn’t focus on any particular task. I couldn’t share the dream with my family. I certainly could not share it with my mother. I recalled saying to myself over and over, “If this is what knowing is about, I don’t want it.”

This was the day that I mentally shut down my third eye chakra.

About two days before I was ready to leave, my mother called to tell me that she was weaker than expected and could not make the trip to Rome. She felt it would be too much. So I altered my plans. Instead of spending the week after the trip in Rome, I would fly home and spend it with her (if she was still alive).

To be continued!

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