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Spiritual Sommelier: Spirit

By: Leila Briggs

Believe it or not, the spirit is connected to your physical body and your physical experience! Please don’t think I am implying your spirit is not connected to the spiritual realms. It absolutely is! However it is born within the experiences of here and now. From physical, it THEN moves within the subtle energetic world or the spiritual. (The soul is born within the energetic and then is brought forth to move in the physical world.)

Thus the spirit is connected to the more immediate. It can easily communicate with your psyche and beliefs, and use that information to help you translate spirit and energy. It is very good at labeling, discerning and defining. That is... as long as it stays in constant communication with you and your physical body.

Your spirit loves to travel and is often curious. It wanders! It can be especially prone to wandering if you have had trauma. Sometimes this is to help disassociate and other times this is to help control and/or prepare. That’s why, at this point in my career, it makes no difference to me whether an individuals intuitive ability is natural or born out of trauma. In most cases or in most people it is a mix of the two: natural and survival. The spirit is where this combination is often displayed.

Communication can be tricky when the spirit travels so often. If you would like it to work with you and/or meet you in your physical goals, you will have to educate it. Just as you allow the spirit to educate you.

In other words, you have to actively update the spirit as you heal, as beliefs change, as wants and desires change, etc. Imagine the spirit as a long distance friend you have minimal communication with. During your sporadic check-ins, you update and reminisce. You fill each other in on what has been missed. (This is imperative for intuits actively healing or doing deep work. If communication is not happening with their spirit, their interpretation of the spiritual world can become disjointed. They will outgrow the paradigm the spirit is functioning in. This can lead to a toxic spiritual environment rather then one that is healthy and inspiring.)

To access your spirit energetically or within your energy body is through the third eye or brow. Keep in mind the third eye/brow is connected to the brain, beliefs and the ego. There is only so much the third eye can fathom within those confines. (I think this is why many believe they have control over the spiritual world or do not realize how dynamic and alive spirit is. The spiritual world is around us all the time and co-exists with the physical world. This does not mean I am labeling the third eye as bad or less then; but it is limited. This is important to know and work with, so you can expand beyond.)

Everyone has an awakened and active spirit. Most have a basic awareness of their spirit; but do not have conscious communication or control (using the word control loosely here). As one becomes accountable and aware of their energy, with it comes the awareness that their spirit is talking or bothering others constantly. Additionally, they also become aware of how many other's spirits are tracking, following them or influencing them.

What’s really wild about all of this is a person's spirit can be the total opposite in personality. This is because the spirit can become a dumping ground of trauma and unprocessed emotions; much like the shadow self. You can have someone that is physically very violent, but their spirit is very loving. Or someone physically loving but their spirit is very angry.

This can cause a lot of miscommunication between others physically. We read spirit and energy more then we read the physical. Even those that deny their abilities or their spiritual existence, receive relays from their spirit. It’s part of that “just knowing” or “thinking without thinking” function of the brain. Even more so many times we act out the spiritual verses what we physically think we want or desire. (This is hard for intuitive children to digest. Many times what they are reading or interacting with does not always follow through physically. Thus they do not receive validation or confirmation.)

The ideal would be communication and joint action between your soul, your spirit and your physical body. Ideally all three work together as a team and are in constant communication. All three should be moving through the physical and spiritual as a team. Easier said, then done.

The spirit lives in dichotomous world, while the soul lives in a world with no clear distinctions or boundaries. More so the physical body exists within the limitations of the 3D and has no actual awareness of its' power. WHAT A JOURNEY TO GET ALL THREE ON BOARD AND WORKING TOGETHER!

I chose not to go in depth about the function or communication of the physical body. If you would like me to create a blog, briefly covering this – let me know in the comments below!

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Feb 06, 2023

Leila, with each post in the blog I learn something new, or gain a deeper understanding of that which is challenged to be understood. So grateful!, And, yes please expand on the physical!

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