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The Energy of Connection

By Patricia Briggs

Scientists speak about a mycorrhizal network, or highway of communication and transportation that exists in nature, underground, for the most part, unseen by man. Hearing about this network didn’t surprise me. Instead, it offered me insight for what I already sensed. It offered me a greater understanding about quantum energy fields and how they function.

This mycorrhizal network is created through the natural symbiotic relationship between tree roots and fungus. The mycelium (fungus) requires sugar to live. In exchange for sugar, the fungi provide the plants and trees with vital water, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, and other minerals. On a very basic level there is a beneficial exchange happening between the two.

However, during this exchange, something more fascinating happens; a communication system is established. Through the mycelium and its ability to transport vital minerals and nutrients, the trees and plants communicate with each other, and redirect water and minerals to where they are needed. Consider, a struggling sapling in a shady area does not have enough light for adequate photosynthesis. Through this mycorrhizal network, the needs of this sapling are acknowledged and supplied adequate minerals from beyond its own root system. Despite being in the shade, the sapling has what it needs to thrive. There is an evolved intelligence here.

The structure of brain cells within the human brain have also been compared to trees and their corresponding root systems (Dendrites). Likewise, our entire nervous system has been compared to this resultant mycorrhizal network in nature. Our nervous system facilitates communication, memory, learning, and the transport of chemicals, in form of nutrients and hormones, to where the body needs them. No different from how the mycelium functions. What we see in the forest, is seen in our bodies.

“From quantum perspective, the universe is the integration of interdependent energy fields that are entangled in a meshwork of interactions, massive complexity of inter-communication among the physical parts and energy fields that make up the whole.”

(Lipton, The Biology of Belief, p. 90)

I discussed in a previous blog that everything is energy. Applying this premise, let’s take our understanding about quantum energy a step further; energy connects everything in the universe through a field, matrix, or network, depending on your term preference. This energy field is not only connected through energy, but it is energy. In other words, energy not only makes up the web but is also the glue that holds the web together. We can see this reflected in the physical, both with our own nervous system and the mycorrhizal network.

The universe is coherent, meaning nothing stands alone. Everything is connected and on the energy field as energy. This energy field is holographic. This means that at any point on the energy field, everything else on the energy field is reflected. Each point reflects all points. For example, energetically as I stand on the energy field you are reflected right beside me, despite possibility existing/working at a different point of the field. You may live miles away from me physically, but through our connections to this energy field, you are beside me. We are connected to each other. The connection does not stop there. We are connected to everyone and everything through this energy field.

This is the reason my grandmother used to know about births and deaths way before the letter reached her from across the country. Sometimes, the information was coming from relatives in Poland to her here in the USA. She saw it in her immediate energy field. Physically, she shared that it looked like a ball of light crossing in front of her and she had an instant knowing what it pertained to. These concepts are not new ones. We are just finding the verbiage and speaking more openly about them.

I want to leave you with one last thought. Instantaneously through this connection, I am everywhere in this energy field with a thought. Braden expresses this well in his book, The Divine Matrix (p.34) with the following statement.“Consciousness, itself is believed to be holographic, this signifies that the prayer we make in our living room, for example, already exists with our loved ones and at the place where it was intended. In other words, there is no need to send our prayers anywhere, because they already exist everywhere."

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