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The Heart of Your Home

By Patricia Briggs

I wanted to start the new year talking about heart energy and our homes.

Our first home is our physical body wherein lies our spiritual being and connection to our soul and the collective. Oftentimes, referred to as our temple.

The heart/high heart is an important transitional point within this temple and not surprisingly, it is positioned at the midpoint of our other chakras. In the heart/high heart is the doorway between the physical to spiritual that allows our consciousness to move between the two worlds. Different facets of heart energy (vibration) are love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, fellowship, kindness, and gratitude. These are the feelings that lay the foundation for reaching higher levels of consciousness (vibration) where you don’t so much see, as feel. Most acknowledge and are aware of where the heart energy resides with respect to the physical body.

Our second home is where we live and sleep, and privately share space with other people

and/or family. This space could be a house, apartment, or even just a room/part of room. No

matter, the square footage, it is your second home. Ideally your energy resonates with the

energy of this second home because this space reflects and embodies who you are. We interact with it every day energetically and physically. It contains our stuff, for example, objects, thoughts, emotions, intentions, hopes, and dreams.

From the quantum perspective, everything is energy and has its own consciousness based on its energy. Ergo, your second home is living vibrant moving energy. We can raise the vibration and consciousness of our second homes, just as we raise the vibration and consciousness of our first home, our physical body. As we live life from our heart energy, our homes should reflect this and be acknowledged as more than just a structure. Our homes are intimately intertwined with our energy, and as our energy evolves and changes, likewise our second home’s energy should evolve and change to support us.

When I am energetically clearing and balancing a house, I locate the energy of the different

chakras (vibrations) within the house. They usually are not laid out in a linear fashion as they

appear in our bodies but more based on where different activities are occurring. Just as on the body, the energy of these different centers varies from moment to moment and requires

balancing at different times. My energetic approach is like the physical art of Feng Shui. We

both focus on the energy flow through a space and are giving breath to a space (consciousness) through energy flow. I acknowledge and honor where the heart of the home is located before energetically leaving any space that I have cleared and balanced, encouraging the heart energy within the home to grow and expand within that space.

As we enter this new year, do you know energetically where the heart of your second home, your living space is located, and do you honor this space physically as well as energetically?

(If you immediately think of a person, you are resonating with another person’s heart energy

and not your home’s heart energy. aka “mom is the heart of the house.” You are looking for a space or location within your home, not a person. It does not have to be a big space.)

Here are a few clues. It will be the place within your home that resonates with your heart chakra, in the energy of love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, fellowship, kindness and gratitude. A space within your home where you can tap into these feelings to rejuvenate and heal, as well as a space of calm from the chaos of living life. It will also be a space where you can open and close the doorway between the spiritual and physical energies/realms.

Once you have located it, think about how you want to physically and energetically honor, and breathe life into it so it can grow, support, heal, and rejuvenate you.

(P.S. If you can’t find it, consciously create it! It is your space and reality!)

Happy New Year, Trish

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