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Threshold Events

By Trish Briggs

Birth has always been, still is, and will always be death for women in the sense that the old version of self gives way to a new version (more mature, more giving). Between 70-75% of near-death episodes that happen to women occur during childbirth or hysterectomies.” Atwater, P.M.H. (2012) Children of the Fifth World. p 19-20.

The transition into becoming parents is a very emotional time, as well as transformational. It isn’t something you really think about when you become pregnant. It is the end of an era that I intuitively called BC (Before children) and the beginning a new one, AC (After children). 

With every ending or loss, you naturally feel grief. Mixed in with the grief is the excitement and joy of new beginnings and the unknown. I personally found that through this transition a part of my heart opened that I had not been privy to before, the part that included a mother’s love for her child. This was a different facet on the diamond called love that had been untouchable prior to the advent of children for me.

I was part of the statistic (70-75%) and had near-death experiences each time (two births). During the first birth, I honestly was so overwhelmed with the new experience of motherhood (including my first experience as a patient in a hospital) that it never registered until later that I had had a near death experience (NDE).  I just rolled with the experience and focused on fully embracing motherhood. It was more obvious to me during the second birth.

A NDE (Near Death Experience) is a threshold event similar in nature to Kundalini breakthroughs, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Shamanic vision quests, unity experiences, spiritual transformations, religious conversions, and deep prayer states. 

A NDE causes a major shift in energy and consciousness. It results in a patterning change in the brain. The boundary between this world and other worlds is the threshold (some call it the veil). During a threshold event your consciousness crosses this boundary /threshold into other worlds (worlds that we don’t see with our physical eyes).

When you make it through the boundary or threshold, you expand into higher states of consciousness. Higher states of consciousness always lead you to the same place: oneness or The Source. 

During all threshold events our consciousness shifts into active awareness. Active awareness processes, connects, organizes the full spectrum of visible and invisible realities, creating a time space potential existence in and beyond vibrational frequencies.

In essence, our awareness extends beyond the mind and feelings in this physical reality. Your soul connects directly with the source. This is felt viscerally. I felt it with the opening of my heart to higher vibration of a mother’s love for her child.

I believe the high statistical amounts of NDEs during childbirth could be a result of actual bonding between the mother and child as they share their perspectives during the birthing process. From the baby’s perspective, his/her consciousness moved from the collective expanse to the limitations of a physical body. From the mother's perspective, her consciousness now moves from self to the consciousness of self AND child. An intimate process of "letting go" for both.

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Great question and one that is not easy to answer. Any threshold event is a shift in consciousness and energy which typically happens for those who have NDEs. Trauma can be associated with the NDE and by itself in certain situations can trigger a threshold event. However, trauma is not always associated with a shift in consciousness. Let's then add to the mix, that in hindsight of a trauma, upon reflection and healing of the past trauma, you have a shift in consciousness and awareness, and now it becomes a threshold event in the present. 🤔🙂

Replying to

@Rayna I would like to weigh in too! Haha! I think there is a difference between an NDE and a spiritual death. NDE's usually have a vivid experience of leaving the body as it dies. The emotions are very different because the body has stopped and you now, temporarily, exist beyond the confines of a vessel. A spiritual death, while it too can also be complex in emotions and sensations, the physical vessel stays intact and running.

Threshold Events can be both though as well as trauma - they can be spiritual death, birthing or even dying. It's a transition from one form into another, or one phase into another.


Jun 24

That was beautifully written. Both of my births were extremely traumatic, ending in c-sections for both. I'm curious - would you consider trauma to be an NDE in a sense? Or are you saying that you were pronounced dead during both your births and I'm reading into this from a technical standpoint instead of an energetic standpoint of my life drastically changing in those two moments?

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