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Anita's Forewarning

By Leila Briggs

My mother just finished her beautiful blog series about her mother, Anita. This is one of my favorite stories from our family history.

Unfortunately, I never got to meet Anita physically. Once in awhile she will visit in spirit, usually in times of need. She is often stern and to the point. To be honest, I wish she would visit more. However, because her presence is scarce, my system knows to listen. I thought I would share one of my more recent and more striking moments with Anita.


It was dark and I was leaving a client’s home. As I pulled out of the driveway, I sensed Anita next to me. She said, “You will be alone but you will be okay.”

“What do you mean? Will I be safe?” I nervously asked.

“Yes. You will be safe; but you will be alone. Help is coming.”

And with that, she was gone. Before I was out of the client’s neighborhood, three more spirit guides visited. All with the same message, “you will be alone, but you will be okay.”

I drove home cautious and alert.

I wasn’t alone. There were other vehicles on the road. Maybe this is one of those spiritual messages that only apply to the spiritual and I am taking it literally? I was beginning to doubt my accuracy in translation.

I pulled onto a main road, almost home, and suddenly there were no vehicles. No one was on the road and the air seemed to buzz. I slowed down.

Up ahead, maybe a half a mile, I saw a vehicle quickly pull from a driveway. Almost immediately, the car started swerving across the lanes. It was headed straight for me in my lane! There was something wrong with the headlights. My brain couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. I pulled my SUV off the road, off the shoulder, and into someone’s lawn.

The other vehicle raced down my lane and then finally stilled just a few feet from my vehicle. (No doubt we would have collided had I been going the actual speed.) My brain still couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing.

There was no one. No vehicles, but our own. No people. Not even streetlights.

For a moment, I just sat there frozen, trying to understand what I was looking at. Anita’s words came back to me. “You will be alone; but you will be okay.” There was no human movement from inside the other vehicle. However, there was a strange movement in front of the headlights.

Then with a flash, my brain started working! I understood what I was looking at.

The headlights of the other vehicle were construed with bicycle wheels spinning! I was looking at a car with a man’s body half hanging out the windshield and his bike lodged in the front fender. The wheels were spinning from the momentum and partially blocking the headlights.

I screamed, “F***” as loud and as hard as I could. It woke my system up. My breath and brain began working as one. I calmly stepped out of the car, mentally retrieving 15 years of first aid and CPR. I was almost to the other vehicle when there was a sudden movement in the energy. Almost like everything was on pause until I got to the vehicle. A teenager stumbled out of the driver’s side.

Saving you the details of the accident, I felt very alone. The teenager was able to call 911 so I could turn my attention to the cyclist. I did my best to lend help. I kept reminding myself of Anita’s words, “help is coming.” Eventually, a homeowner came out and climbed through the trunk of the vehicle to help support the body of the cyclist from inside.

While helping to support the body of the cyclist, the homeowner spoke to the teenager keeping him calm. I spoke to the cyclist, keeping him calm while supporting his body from the outside. We worked as a small unit until proper aid arrived.

Anita’s words played over and over in my head well after the experience of the accident was finished. What is fascinating about this moment, at least to me, is my body didn’t hold onto the event as a trauma. My body went through the normal and healthy progression of nervous system states and then just let it go. I accredit that to the forewarning of Anita’s words. I am immensely grateful. A spiritual forewarning is a gift that does not always come when you need it to.

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