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Earth Chakras & Vortices

By Trish Briggs

While living in Pennsylvania, we experienced a lot of spiritual activity around our home. I was also frequently sick during the years that we lived there and experienced two NDE's (near death experiences). We had to install a lightning rod on the house because otherwise, the house would get hit at least two to three times a year. Clearly, things were very active and at the time we didn’t fully understand why. Years later after becoming more familiar and conversant in subtle energy, I realized that there was a very active vortex sitting outside my bedroom window in the back yard. It was not a healthy one. (We have since cleared and closed it down with guidance.)

Once we moved to Delaware, the activity and illnesses slowed down (everything is comparable - we still see more activity than most, but it is markedly less than in PA)! We were told by a shaman there were no ley lines in Delaware, and I credited this lower level of activity to this. If this is true, this doesn't mean that energy isn’t present, it just means that the energy isn’t moving through electro and geo-magnetic pathways in the earth throughout Delaware. However, energy can still move with the underground waterways and through other means.

Since we still had activity, a good friend and healer came over and showed us how to create what she called a “spirit tree” in our front yard. This tree would be a resting place for any spiritual visitors until we asked them into the house, or until we dealt with them outside the house. In a way, we set up a doorway between the spiritual and physical realms. The high energy of our spirit tree basically created an energy vortex around itself. Over the last five years, the tree has changed and there is now a twisting of the bark. This was unexpected.

One summer, I had the opportunity to visit Sedona, Arizona which is well known for its heightened energy and multiple vortices. A guide told me to look at the plants and trees around the vortices. The trees had a twisting to their bark. This was the sign that a vortex was present. (Makes you think about crop circles and how the crop (wheat/corn) is twisted but not broken.) This explained what was happening with our spirit tree. It truly was twisting (spiraling); I did note the shift of position in large branches off the center trunk.

If you look at major sacred sites around the world, you will discover that they are located on either major or minor vortices, and many times these are connected through energetic ley or dragon lines. It doesn’t really matter which happened first, the sacred site or the presence of the energy vortex. Together they amplify the healing transformational energy at the sacred site/vortex. It is not surprising that if you accept that the earth is living and vibrant, with a consciousness, that the earth is credited with having its own chakra system like our bodily chakra system (our physical bodies come from the earth and will return to the earth).

The two most widely accepted systems are:

Erickson’s Contemporary Earth Charka System:

Root= Grand Canyon, NA; Sacral=Machu Picchu, SA; Solar Plexus=Uluru, Australia; Heart=Glastonbury Tor, England, Europe; Throat=Giza, Egypt, Africa; Third Eye= Mount Fuji, Japan, Asia; Crown= Mount Kailash, Tibet, Asia

Coon’s Earth Chakra System:

Root= Mount Shasta, NA; Sacral=Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia, SA; Solar Plexus= Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Australia; Heart= Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England, Europe; Throat= Giza, Egypt and Mount Sinai, Middle East; Third Eye= Aeon Activation center, mobile; Crown=Mount Kailash, Tibet, Asia.

There are similarities between them with only a few differences. Each of these chosen vortices that represent the chakras, resonate with your corresponding chakras. For example, when you visit the Great Pyramid in Egypt, your throat chakra will resonate strongly with the earth energy in this vortex. This resonance will allow you to personally do more intense healing with respect to your throat chakra. (You don’t need to physically travel to Egypt to touch into this energy, you can do it energetically and/or astrally through meditation or visualization. Though physical presence has a much more profound effect.)

These earth chakras are typically healing vortices. However, there are others that exist that are not considered healing and cause ill effects like the one I experienced in PA. Three of these are well known: Bermuda’s Triangle, Devil’s Sea, and Dragon’s Triangle. From an energetically standpoint, these less healthy vortices may be blocked or hiding dysfunctional energy that could be healed with a little attention. I would never recommend someone attempt to heal an unhealthy vortex on their own. Always remember, as we heal ourselves and become responsible and accountable, we are healing the earth too.

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When the Maui fires happened, many people commented that it was the heart chakra of the world. The shape of the island looks like a being, with a head and body. Have you ever heard of the heart chakra being located there?

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