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Quest to be the Best

By Trish Briggs

Early in my apprenticeship towards becoming a Healing Touch Practitioner/Instructor I asked my mentor how I could ensure that I would be the best healer that I could be. She gave me three pieces of advice that I believe were divinely inspired. I want to share those with you today. She advised me to balance my energy every day, (multiple times a day if needed), journal, and inventory my beliefs.

At the time, I didn’t fully understand the impact of these three things. I also didn’t recognize that all three had to do with my own self-healing journey. In hindsight this made sense because to be the best healer that I could be, I had to heal myself first. To be the best at anything, you heal yourself first. Her advice gave me the starting tools to begin my self-healing journey.


The first made sense because by balancing my own energy I was practicing healing. No problem, I initiated this step immediately into my daily routine because I could see how it fit with my goal.


Around me, everyone was pushing the need to journal, so I assumed that was why it got added to the list. I was not as excited about this piece of advice because I didn’t fully appreciate its merit at the time. When I heard “journaling”, I immediately thought of “Dear Diary, today I…” I was never inspired to write down my daily activities. I had tried in the past and got very bored with the process very quickly.


Then I realized that I was already journaling; I was just not calling it journaling. I am a vivid dreamer, and astral traveler; as a result, most of my messages came in during sleep time.

My writings were in the format of recalling and documenting a vivid dream and then analyzing what it meant to me through reflection. The act of writing it down allowed me to figure out the meaning(s).


Over time, I came to appreciate that journaling on a very fundamental scientific level, is an excellent tool for integration of the right and left sides of the brain which helps one develop a higher level of intellect, as well as refine one’s sensitivity or psychic abilities. In addition, journaling basically gives you a historical documentation of events, messages, dreams, … and it can be used as a resource. Reviewing the documentation allows one to see any trends, patterns, and how far one has traveled in one’s self-healing journey.


I am now a firm believer that journaling is important, no matter what format works for you.


The third piece of advice to inventory my beliefs had me confused. At the time, I really could not see how this was going to benefit me in my quest to be the best. My thinking was that it wouldn’t take very long to write down my beliefs, and maybe one day I would see its value. So, I sat down to write up a list of my beliefs believing that I would be finished within an hour or two. Wrong!


My list started out small that first day but did not remain that way.


I found as I reflected about new ideas or concepts or experiences each day (avid reader), I now questioned what I believed and if it shifted something I had believed in the past. Shortly, I realized that my list of beliefs was changing daily because I was changing daily. I was removing things from the list as readily as I was adding to the list. Beliefs that no longer served me were removed and replaced by those that did. This evolving inventory of my beliefs not only highlighted my growth mindset, but also my evolution.


I had not realized when I asked for the advice that every self-healing journey will involve some belief work eventually. The benefits (of inventorying your beliefs) that had eluded me in the beginning were many. I gained a conscious awareness of my beliefs. My beliefs were no longer all residing in my subconscious and unconscious. They were brought up into my conscious mind where I could work with them. I also gained the understanding that beliefs are energy. And as a result, beliefs shift, change, and flow with your level of awareness (consciousness and knowledge). Issues arise when they don’t shift, slow, and change in tandem.


I did go back to my mentor several years later to thank her again for her sage advice. She did not recall the conversation and seemed surprised at the content/advice. Her lack of recall is how I know the advice she gave me that day, was divinely inspired and priceless!



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Jan 22

@Trish thank you for this write up. I have also been learning the value of journaling for a while now! I wanted to ask - what can we do to balance our energy? What methods are there of doing this and how will we know how effectively it worked? Thanks!

Replying to

Thank you for asking. There are many ways, but I will give you three simple ones.

1) Deep breathing through each chakra while setting the intention to balance the chakra, finishing by deep breathing through all of them at the same time.

2) The figure eight (infinity sign) balances energy. Set the intention to balance your energy and then visualize or use your hands to move the subtle energy of your body in a figure eight over your entire body or (a little more intense) include doing the figure eight over each chakra and then the whole body. When balancing individual chakras I usually do the seven major ones and include also the minor ones like ankles, knees, hips, shoulders…

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