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The Shifting Sands of Beliefs

By Patricia Briggs

An exciting new world opened for me when I found Energy medicine, through Healing Touch. Suddenly everything in my life made sense in a whole new way! I realized I instinctively had been reading energy all my life but didn’t have the vocabulary to express this to others, or even myself. I was an unacknowledged energy healer inside. (NEWS FLASH: We all are!) I could feel it and knew it. As a result, I embraced all the work necessary to become a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner so that I could become an acknowledged energy healer on the outside.

I recall asking a colleague that was mentoring me through the process, how could I ensure that I was the best healer that I could be. (Interestingly, when I mentioned the advice that she gave to me that day, a year later, she didn’t recall it. That tells me that the advice came through her from a higher source.) One of the things she suggested was that I write down all my beliefs. At the time, I questioned silently to myself, “How is this going to help me?” I could not see the connection at first.

Regardless, I started making a list of my beliefs. The list started out small but grew. As the days and months went by, I would suddenly think of something else I believed in and would add it to my list. I am avid reader. I found as I read about new ideas or concepts, I would mill them around in my head distilling the information. I integrated the parts that I could accept with my existing belief system, and either let the rest go or sit on the sideline until a later date.

Over time, I realized that I was constantly adding new beliefs to my list as my perspective broadened with the addition of new knowledge. I also found that I was letting go of beliefs that no longer served on the list. As I did more and more self-reflection, I uncovered beliefs that were so deeply embedded that I had forgotten they existed. Many times, once uncovered, I realized that they no longer served me, sometimes weren’t even mine (inherited from previous generations), and were in fact, holding me back. So, I would almost simultaneously add them to my list, to then cross them off my list.

My belief list was evolving as I was evolving.

In the act of making a list of my beliefs, I found the wisdom. Our beliefs are an integral part of us. Beliefs affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even energetically. There is knowledge about self in knowing our beliefs. Our beliefs should be evolving as we evolve. Our beliefs are our lens through which we view and interact with our world. They can skew that view, or they can clarify that view. What beliefs do you have within that paint your outer world?

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