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The Unseen

By Trish Briggs

I knew that unseen things could exist and DO exist outside the three-dimensional paradigm that most of us live in because I grew up in a tight family circle where this was accepted. However, I still carried questions and doubts as an adult. In the same manner, many young children can see beyond the boundaries of this socially acceptable paradigm because they have not been programmed to not see … yet!? 


When I took high school chemistry years ago, I learned about the electromagnetic spectrum: the range of measurable electromagnetic radiating energy. Humans only see in 5% of the electromagnetic spectrum (visible light range).

My left side brain always accepted this because of the supporting scientific evidence; our human eyes are not receptive to the frequencies of the other 95% of the spectrum. This has to do with the characteristics and functions of the rods and cones in our eyes, but that is not where I want to bring our focus. I want to bring our attention to the remaining 95% and its possibilities.


As soon as we move out of the visible range (5%) of the electromagnetic spectrum (“me-perspective” aka where I can see), our science teachers taught us from a more global perspective for the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum. In this global perspective, the discussion would revolve around the different frequencies and wavelengths and types of energy. No personal connection was established with this part of the electromagnetic spectrum (95%). It has remained in darkness from the me-perspective, and few have questioned what exists within these different energy frequencies, that is unseen to our human eyes.


From the me-perspective, I accept that most of the spectrum is UNSEEN by our human eyes.  We know about it but can’t see if anything exists within it. We can measure its energy signature. We have a tendency in our arrogance to ignore it, pretend it doesn’t exist, or treat it as unimportant and/or separate from ourselves.


It is important and it is connected to us. It is part of the energy around us every day.


There is plenty of room within that “UNSEEN” portion of the electromagnetic spectrum for many UNSEEN things to reside. Duh…. (My mind clicking things together! My left and right brain are integrating information!) ….A-ha!

There it has been all along, right in front of our eyes, the electromagnetic spectrum, … showing us that 95% of our (measurable) world is unseen by us. So many possibilities could exist within that 95%. (I can’t give you a number because I can’t see them to count!) For the first time I could see where the unseen could co-exist if we are willing to expand the boundaries of our three-dimensional paradigm to include the regions beyond where we cannot see with our eyes, but need to engage our other senses to “see.”


Without a doubt (my opinion), as we learn to modify our frequencies, raise and lower our vibrations, and finetune our sensitivities (control over our electromagnetic energy/field) we are going to see more things that up until now have been unseen, but have been always present.



P.S. Then I found this added tidbit that showed someone else, way ahead of me but on the same page. In Gregory L. Little’s1 opinion and words, “Beings normally not visible to us, worlds and realms beyond regular perception, seem to exist on the ultraviolet and infrared ends of the spectrum.”


1Little, Gregory, L. (1990). People of the Web: What Indian Mounds, Ancient Rituals, and Stone Circles Tell Us about Modern UFO Abductions, Apparitions, and the Near-Death Experience. Memphis: White Buffalo Books.

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