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The Visitation: Part 4 of 4

By: Patricia Briggs

I made it home to see my mother before she died. She had to be moved to the hospital as I was flying home, but she was still very coherent when I arrived. I got to spend that week with her at the bedside. It was a very special week. She died a couple days after my week of grace that I had been given. I will be forever thankful for that week!

About a month after she was buried, I was sleeping beside my partner in bed when my mother visited me to say goodbye. In my dream, she was standing beside me as I was lying in the bed. She leaned down, kissed me on the head and told me that she loved me. I knew in the dream that it was a goodbye kiss. I felt all her love surround me and give me a big hug.

When I woke up, I started to tell my husband about this wonderful dream when he stopped me mid-sentence.

He said, “I know. Your mother was here. I woke up and saw her standing by the bed kissing you. I saw it with my own physical eyes! It was like she was physically in the room!”

The incident shook him. He was visibly disturbed by the experience. I tried to quiz him about how she looked which didn’t help matters. I was not surprised he described her as being younger, like she was in her thirties. He never talked about the experience again.

Whereas the incident made him feel uncomfortable, it had the opposite effect on me. Her goodbye gave me comfort during my grieving. I had not always felt her love in the physical. She was a very stoic person who chose not to express emotions. I certainly felt her love, her unconditional love, in that dream! Love is very powerful and transcends time and space. Especially a mother's love.

Since then, I have been fortunate to have other visitations from her during special moments in my life. This entire experience from the vision to the visitation is very sacred to me and will always belong to me. It is part of my story.

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I have truly enjoyed this blog series! It is a great reminder to be careful what we wish for, and also be grateful for the insights we receive ahead of time that help us prepare for the life events that are the most difficult. Thank you for sharing your experience! 💚💜

May 25, 2023
Replying to

Thankyou for reading! This is one of my favorites from our family history.

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