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What Day Is This Again?

By Leila Briggs

*Please keep in mind, this is a Halloween Blog. This post may be triggering to some. The day I am about to describe has no clear or easy explanation. So in a way, it remains unsolved. In the past, I have had intuits and psychics tell me that due to my extreme awareness I often inadvertently happen upon conversations and battles not meant for me. This may have been one of those moments.*

A day to myself. A day to relax. That's what this day was supposed to be...

I wake up. I make my way to the kitchen and make myself a protein shake. I sit on my couch in the front room to sip at my shake and watch out my window. As usual, there are a handful of birds playing and singing right outside the window in the bushes and trees. It’s sunny and beautiful. As I settle in, sipping on my protein shake, the couch suddenly shifts 3 inches to the right.

I pause and think to myself, "right - so it’s going to be one of THOSE days..." I stand up, annoyed. I finish my protein shake as I walk back to the kitchen. I place the glass in the sink and make my way to the bedroom to get dressed for the day. As I dress I hear a creaking. I lean over to look out the bedroom door and notice the closet door has just opened itself.

Not surprised. I finish dressing. As I walk back to the front room, I shut the closet door and then grab my keys to go to the grocery store. Why should I sit in the house with the activity? I’m going to grab a light lunch and some necessities from the store. Then I will spend "my" day at the park instead.


Despite it being sunny just a few minutes ago, it is starting to look overcast as I pull into the grocery store parking lot.

Of course. I am determined though. As soon as I step into the store I am distracted by the flowers. There is a display of brilliant white daisies and roses that catches my attention. “Leila! Hey Leila!” I turn around expecting to see someone I know, there’s no one. Well this is different, the activity from the house doesn't usually follow me. I do a quick scan of the grocery store to see/sense if anything is off. I don't register anything notable. I jokingly whisper to the daises, "was it you that needed my attention?" I debate whether I should change my plans as i stare at the flowers. I buckle down. I say to myself, "No, this is ridiculous. I am going to the park for the day." I grab my necessities, skip the lunch, and check out. As I walk out, there is a tall man walking out with me. He is trailing slightly behind me. He says aloud, “there’s a storm coming.” I turn back to find him pointing to the overcast sky. I smile and respond, “it just needs to hold off a little so I can enjoy the day a bit.” I turn back, assuming that’s the end of our conversation. He continues, “when the storm gets here you will have to decide where you stand.You'll have to pick a side.” I snap my head back and say, “what?” He responds with a huge smile, “I said, I hope you get to enjoy your day.” I say nothing.

Alright, I am officially creeped out. And also annoyed. The man splits from me and moves towards a different tow of cars. I all but run to mine. When I get into the car (and lock the doors), I scan the parking lot and don’t see the man that was talking to me. “Greeeeeat…”

Now I almost feel like I have to go to the park for my own safety, at the very least drive around. What if this man is real, I don't want him following me to my home. I debate. I head towards the park. I always take a back way the park. The roads are more fun and they view is prettier. In this case, it will be easy to create distance between another car if I need to. I keep an eye on the rear view mirror but see nothing concerning. Eventually, I turn my music up and try to calm down. As I turn onto the last winding road towards the park, my car starts accelerating. I pump the breaks, but they hardly makes a difference. I start to panic. The car barrels down the back road and I do my best to steer it. As the road curves into the park, my brakes suddenly respond and I am able to bring my car to a stop in the parking lot. I sat there in the lot for a moment debating what I should do. I decide to park and call the boyfriend I had at the time. He fixes cars on the side, he will help. I pull my phone out and realize there’s no service. I wish I could tell you I started to panic again; but I didn't because I didn't have time to. While looking down at my phone I hear a loud thump on my hood. I look up to see a squirrel staring at me while he munches on some type of nut.

"Is this real?! What day is this again?!" I don't know if I want to laugh or cry. The wind picks up, branches blow wildly in the wind, leaves and nuts fall all around. The squirrel remained. Just staring at me. I waved my hands trying to shoo him. I debated about honking my horn but determined I might actually kill him from fright, so instead I stared back. I tried to mind meld him. I tried to telepathically convince him this is ridiculous. I felt like he was challenging me to get out of the car. Like a bully on the playground. “Just try it Leila - see what I do when you open the car door.” I said aloud, “okay I will go back home, you happy?” He skittered and slid off my hood in response. I mumbled under my breath. I pulled out of the lot, checking my brakes as I did so. I calmly (well as calmly as you can when you have an adventure like that) drove home. No issues with my brakes or accelerating... no squirrels falling from the sky. As I pulled the car back in the driveway I said aloud, “what was the point of all of that?!”

I went back in the house, leaving the groceries in the car. Plopped myself on the couch, exhausted, confused and irritated. As I lay there watching the sun emerge from the overcast skies, I hear the creaking of the closet door opening. I roll my eyes.

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Oct 16, 2023

What a cool story! Not sure if I'd enjoy living that day, but I enjoyed reading about it! 😆

Oct 18, 2023
Replying to

Haha! Not sure I enjoyed living it either!

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