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Emotions and High Vibration

By Leila Briggs

Working with Spirit is always an adventure! One of the greatest treasures of allowing Spirit into your life is the synchronicity of the collective. (How you align with your community AND how the community aligns with you.)

Often times the community or the majority are focused on the same concept or even processing the same emotion. Most, as an individual, stay unaware of the community connection, alone and sometimes lost in the journey. The reality is, most steps within our journey are joined with many others. 

I had the same topic and question surfacing in many different forms throughout the month of March. I see value in the repeated themes of the collective. So, for today’s blog, we are going to delve into emotions and high vibration!

“Do emotions equate vibration?”

The common belief is high vibrational people feel good, think good thoughts, and feel happiness all the time. Low vibrational people are angry, sad, and fearful.

Whomever and whatever is telling you that you feel nothing as a high vibrational human or you feel only happiness is misleading you. Everything Spirit has shared with me, every teaching Spirit has taught me goes against this common belief. They have always encouraged me to feel.

A higher vibrational being FEELS unapologetically. The more they accept, understand, love and rest (be) within the flow of emotions…the higher in vibration they become. 

There is a reason spiritual enlightenment is often found in moments of profound misery. Or Love is remembered within the devastating grief of loss. Within every moment of darkness you have the choice to find the eyes and heart to see and feel God.

High vibration comes from FEELING and allowing. High vibration is understanding and accepting, loving, and just being. Above all, it’s a muscle developed. Short of an acute trauma, that muscle doesn’t deteriorate just because you feel an uncomfortable emotion or have a bad day. 

This doesn’t mean it has to be heavy or intense all the time. However, I can assure you there is no lack of feeling within the high vibration. If anything the feeling and the emotions are deeper and greater. 

So, feel and don’t shy away from uncomfortable emotions. Use them. Use them to understand yourself, deepen your connection to life and to the spirit world. Let them be your superpower!

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