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Healing & New Beliefs

By Leila Briggs

There is an evolution as you begin to heal or explore healing others. In the beginning it’s largely about accepting or getting your brain on board. Once your brain understands it can heal the body through holistic and energetic means, it is easy for the brain to take on a new beliefs.

A common new belief after learning to heal:

Health = no pain, no illness, no stiffness and high energy

Illness = pain, low energy, stiffness AND hatred, anger, avoidance, ego, lack of proper diet and bad behavior or deeds

The brain naturally looks for positive or desirable outcomes. Another way to say this is the brain naturally processes via reward. Usually desirable outcomes equate things that “feel” good. It feels good to heal yourself or another. It's easy to get lost in the feeling.

Naturally the brain and ego create beliefs around the "good" feeling to ensure it gets more of it!

Once your brain figures out it can heal it’s own body and its very rewarding, it easily starts adapting thought processes of the opposite as well. Such as, “if I am sick I did something wrong, let me find the issue” or “this person is sick all the time, they must be avoiding issues.” 

Don’t get me wrong, this belief system can be true in a lot of cases. However, it’s not ALWAYS true. Your brain can create situations to find rewards of the "good" feeling to avoid the "bad" feeling. It's important to broaden our brain's definitions of good and bad rewards and/or feelings.

The body still has it’s own processing or filtering system. Many times that system is very visceral and some times uncomfortable. In some cases, sickness is exactly what it needs. There are instances and individuals where sickness is the quickest and most efficient processing. 

We forget healing is a privilege. Not everyone has the time, energy, or even access to the skills to self heal. Especially from an emotional or spiritual perspective. Sickness can be a way for the body to process when life is full. Strive to be kind and open minded in all your healing endeavors, whether it be personal or with others.

When your body or the body of another starts to feel sluggish, don’t forget to communicate with the body. Try not to assume the body is in the wrong or the illness/ pain is retribution of some sort…ask the body why and listen! This is a perfect starting point to challenge or broaden your brain's discernment of good and bad rewards/feelings. The body may tell you illness is exactly what it needs right now. If you’re really lucky, the body might share with you how to move through the illness gracefully and quickly!

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