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"Hello Sunshine!"

By Leila Briggs

The past few weeks have been intense in terms of energy shifts, emotions, and gridwork. If you have been feeling it; you are not alone! For my avid blog readers, I apologize for the intermittent silence. Now, back to our regular programming...

The first night I met Jim he told me at least three times, "I don't have intuitive abilities and I have yet to have a paranormal experience on a case." He confessed he relied heavily on the evidence but even then, found himself questioning everything due to his lack of personal encounters with spirit.

Regardless, Jim became one of the investigators I requested and confided in the most. He often called just to check in and discuss past cases. I found out later, he did this with many people in the community. He had an open mind and was always searching. He started every phone conversation and every meeting with, "Hello Sunshine!"

One time, I was asked to partake in a case that was on a horse farm and involved almost 100 horses. The animals were having freak accidents. There were unexplained deaths. All the animals were experiencing major anxiety. The owners and workers also had an array of experiences. It was intense an intense case. And one of the more unusual cases.

Jim was the lead investigator for this case. At one point, we as a team, were at a loss on how best to proceed. (Jim liked to leave a case with a care plan and resolution in place for the family or business.) One of the investigators asked if I would check the grid to see if there could be any changes made or insights gained from that perspective. I was nervous. Prior to that moment, I had never done any grid work publicly. In fact I only shared I worked with the grid because it was pertinent to a previous case.

I asked the team for a moment to think and take a small walk around the property. I asked Jim to join me. When we got outside, he said, “I got your back no matter what sunshine. You want to skip on out of here, that’s what we will do. You want to do this grid thing, then we’ll stick around.”

I had planned on backing out. For some reason though, when he said he had my back I re-thought it. I looked at him and I said, “ No, I think I should try it. When we go back in there and we get everyone situated and I go on the grid…I need you to protect me and camouflage me.”

He stared at me blankly.

I continued, “You need to imagine brown light around me and no matter what happens just keep visualizing or imagining brown light.”

He panicked for a moment. “I don’t know how! I’ve never even seen something on a case! How am I going to know I am doing it right?”

I thought for a moment, “You won’t be swayed by anything. You can’t see anything or feel anything, right? And even if you do, you will be able to stay focused. Just picture brown light around me. Easy Peasy.”

He didn’t look convinced but he nodded in consent.

We walked back inside. I put my fears aside and put everyone to work with various jobs or focuses. We spread throughout the room. I made sure I was in Jim’s eye line and he was in mine.

Short of the long, I did make it onto the grid. I did gain insights and knowledge for our case. We were able to find a pathway forward.

To my surprise, on the ride home, everyone shared various experiences they had while I was on the grid, including Jim!

While I’ll never tell it as good as he did, he described focusing on me and imagining me wrapped in brown light. Suddenly he was temporarily blinded by a pop of bright white energy. He just kept saying to himself “wrap her in brown light.” He pushed through the pop of energy and could see the room and me again. He had his first paranormal experience. For him, it was the beginning of quite a few!

I don’t think I really did anything except give him the confidence. Just as he did for me when we walked outside. In that single moment we reminded each other we were important, needed and valued. He opened the door to spirit by embracing it. As did I.

Unfortunately Jim passed from Covid. He visits me here or there in spirit. Usually to alert me to a shift. And usually with a "Hello Sunshine!"

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