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Limited Choices? Not Really.

By Trish Briggs

I have heard numerous times from those seeking inner truth, “The more spiritual work I do, the more I feel like my choices are more and more limited. Why is this? It doesn’t make sense with what I know.”

This is a valid perception by many. However, it does not reflect the person’s new reality. What the individual has failed to take into account is while exploring and awakening to self, a transformation has taken place. The individual is not the same person now that he/she/they were before. The individual is evolving and changing!

The ultimate goal as anyone heals is to develop self-awareness on all levels. This involves developing self-awareness spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. During this process, you examine all your self -limiting ideas, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and biases that color your viewpoint of self and the world around you. You develop the ability to recognize the emotions that you experience and understand the feelings associated with those emotions, so that you can be proactive in your responses. With all this in-depth work, you begin to become familiar with different aspects of your personality and who you really are. You eventually reach a point where you know yourself inside and out.

With this knowing comes an awareness of your authenticity. You have a strong sense of self. No matter what the situation may be or what emotions may arise, you are you. The missing piece of the puzzle is that the choices that applied for the pre-awakened version do not necessarily apply to the awakened version of self.

You still have choices but the choices have changed!

Whereas in the past, your choices may have been a choice between A, B, or C and based on not knowing self. Now your first choice everyday is whether or not you want to remain true to who you authentically. In other words, if you are being true to yourself, possibly choice C is not even a choice, and you can only choose between A and B.

For example, part of my authenticity is that I do not lie and I respect truth, even if it is painful to hear. If choice C involves lying in some context, I would not even consider it as a possibility. That decision leaves me only with choice A and B as possibilities.

Without shifting my mindset, my mind would interpret this as a choice limitation.

We need a mindset shift that correlates with this new-awakened version of self. This shift will allow us to understand that our first choice is being authentic and true to self. This is followed by what choices then are available within this authenticity framework/umbrella. Additionally, you may find that in your awakened state, you actually have choices and/or possibilities that didn’t exist when you were limiting your potential prior to your self-reflection. To see new choices and opportunities takes a mindset shift as well!

You will always have choices.

From the beginning, mankind was given freewill which translates to choices. The take-away here is that you still have choices. You will always have choices. However, your choices will be a reflection of who you are authentically, and this means, the choices change, as you change!

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