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Love Comes in the Form of an Angel Wing

By Leila Briggs

I was deep in a meditative state when I felt a slight tickling sensation and cool breeze against my right cheek. It felt soothing and encouraging. I had no way of discerning what I was experiencing. I focused my awareness on the sensation and in my minds’ eye I saw a perfect, soft white feather connected to a large wing quickly followed by a flash of golden hair. And then it was gone!

This was my first “organic” Angelic experience meaning I did not intend it. It happened many years ago. Since then Angelics have been regular visitors and friends through my healing work and cases.

The third eye’s vision of an Angel is very different from the heart’s vision of an angel. Since Angelics have been at the forefront the last few weeks, I thought I would share a comparison between the heart and third eye’s vision of an Angel.

Angel prays in sunset surrounded by lights of yellow and orange. Image from shutterstock.

The third eye automatically puts the sensation of an Angel above ones self. Angels feel higher and mightier, even much wiser. The heart, however, doesn’t bow down; instead it is inclined to strive and meet an Angelic. It wishes to raise its vibration and increase it’s wisdom to be able to collaborate with Angelics, To have a voice with them!

The drive to meet an Angelic is a soul driven one. This makes sense as the soul usually longs to be whole and go home. Angelics is a vibration or stepping stone in that journey. (The heart is connected to the soul. Where as the third eye is usually connected to spirit.)

It’s interesting to note, from the heart’s perspective it is hard to be in a presence of an Angelic until one has built a muscle to do so. The third eye often perceives this as not being worthy.

In the third eye the Angelics come with messages of the future, how to cope or prepare for relationships or experiences, and words from the Divine directly. In the heart the Angelic stands with you, experiencing and learning as you do. They love to support your physical awareness to see God and synchronicity in all that you do. Or another way to look at it is to support you in seeing your soul journey and interconnectedness throughout your reality. From the heart, they encourage curiosity and wonderment with their words.

Most striking though is their appearance! In the third eye, they often present themselves with golden or white wings, perfect hair, and robes or armor. Almost all of them carry or are connected to an object of some symbolism. For instance Michael is often seen with a sword to “cut through the darkness.”

However the heart’s vision is much different. It perceives a tall being, usually around 6 – 6.5 feet and they are almost impossible to see as they are surrounded by ever fluctuating energies of light. They actually have two rotating auric fields that expand from the upper half of them (like wings). Because of those auric fields (and I am sure some Divine magic, that even I can not understand), the Angelics can see far beyond their immediate point of focus. This may be why in ancient times they were depicted with many rotating eyes.

Whether you encounter an Angelic through the lens of the spirit or the lens of the soul – they are profound beings of energy that inspire and support on a deep level! Never be afraid to ask for their support or their presence as you move along in your adventures. They are one of the few beings that are always tickled pink when they are included!

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