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My Dog Talks!

By Katey Briggs

Throughout my entire life, I have tried to keep a tight lock on my door to psychic abilities. By studying science, I removed myself as far as I could from what I call, WOO-WOO territory. I never wanted to fully open that door. I didn’t want to embrace my abilities. I definitely knew I had abilities because every now and then, when I was not monitoring the door closely, things would sneak out. I would either see things, dream things, or just know something in my gut. Afterwards, I would shrug my shoulders, not make a big deal about it, and make sure my door was again secure. Provided the spiritual experiences kept to minimum, I was okay barely acknowledging their existence.

Then things changed!

Without my permission, my dog started talking to me, in English no less!

The first time it happened was in a vivid dream in January of this past year. My dog, DD told me how his joints were hurting when we went on our daily morning walk. He also shared that he was feeling the cold weather too. This dream really bothered me, and I carried it with me throughout my day. I am very attached to my dog. He is like my child. If he is hurting, then I am hurting. So, shortly thereafter, I went shopping and bought DD some medicine for his joints and made sure he was bundled up whenever we went outside. Normally, it is very difficult to get him to take any medicine. He always instinctively knows when I put something different in with his food. In this case, he gobbled the medicine down like a champ.

I’m not sure why this dream was so significant and different from previous dreams. In hindsight, I wonder if it was because I acknowledged what he said to me in the dream by doing something about it in the physical. Maybe because, he found a way to be heard clearly for the first time?

Shortly after this first dream (it may have been a week or two later), I was sleeping on the couch when I heard, “Mom, wake up. I need to go out!” It was said so loudly and clearly that I jarred awake looking around to see who was talking. I saw DD sitting by the sliding back door staring at me. It took me a moment to realize he was the one that had spoken and woken me up. I got up and opened the door for him.

Another time, I was lightly sleeping in my bed. I recall hearing his toenails clicking on the floor as he came down the hallway into my bedroom. When he got beside the bed, I heard, “Move over mom. I am coming up on the bed.” I barely had time to register his request before he jumped up on the bed. Because I had not moved over, I had to catch him as he started to fall back off the bed. I said, “You need to give me enough time to move.”

When I shared my stories about DD talking to me, with my mom, she said, “Your abilities are opening up!” In saying that, my mother shifted the focus to me instead of DD. I was a little surprised. I had assumed that something changed in DD.

It felt so natural that he was talking to me. The change within me happened so subtly and gracefully, by coming in through and with the love I feel for my dog, I had missed it. It didn’t happen with trumpets blazing as I had always feared. Which is why I kept the door securely locked. It happened through love.

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